50 Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 6

 50 Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 6

Dear Readers, Here we are providing Very Useful Computer Awarness Multiple Choice Question and Answers - MCQ that frequently used in our day life. This is very helpful for various competitive exams across the world example; IETL, GRE, ICET, UPSC, UPPSC, IFS, SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO, Clerks, IBPS, RRB, Insurance exams ... etc. This is very helpful Interviews if your attending, different entrance examination etc.  

1) Round robin scheduling falls under the category of
A) Preemptive scheduling
B) Non preemptive scheduling
C) Both A & B
D) None of the above
Answer: A) Preemptive scheduling

2) Inventor of WWW is ______
A) Bill Gates
B) Lee.N.Feyong
C) N. Resscl
D) Tim Berners Lee
Answer: D) Tim Berners Lee

3) Processed data is known as
A) Data
B) Information
C) Knowledge
D) Analysis
Answer: B) Information

4) The first programming language was
A) Perl
C) Visual Basic
D) C
Answer: B) FORTRAN

5) After a credit card transaction has been authorized by theissuing bank by sending an authorization code to themerchant, the settlement stage of the process begins. Whichof the following is a system type used to process suchstatements?
A) Multitasking
B) Memory Processing
C) Level Processing
D) Batch Processing
Answer: D) Batch Processing

6) Which of the following is the largest unit of information?
A) 1 TB
B) 1 GB
C) 1 MB
D) 1 KB
Answer: A) 1 TB

7) The first computer introduced in Nepal was
A) IBM 1401
C) IBM 1402
D) ICL/2950
Answer: A) IBM 1401

8) 'Nibble' in computer terminology is also called _________.
A) Half bit
B) Byte
C) Bit
D) Half byte
Answer: D) Half byte

9) CTRL + ]
A) Re-do
B) Right align text
C) Increase in font size
D) Expand or collapse the ribbon
Answer: C) Increase in font size

10) In the context of computers, what is Ubuntu?
A) An open-source operating system sponsored by Canonical Ltd.
B) A search engine by Mozilla Foundation.
C) An android-based search engine by Microsoft.
D) An anti-virus software by Microsoft.
Answer: A) An open-source operating system sponsored by Canonical Ltd.

11) Data stored in computer in which form?
A) numbers
B) text
C) audio
D) images
Answer: A) numbers

12) Which memory needs refresh?
D) All of the above
Answer: A) DRAM

13) _____are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity
A) Phishing trips
B) Computer viruses
C) Phishing scams
D) Spyware scams
Answer: C) Phishing scams

14) World Wide Web is being standard by
A) W3C
B) World Wide Web Standard
C) Worldwide corporation
D) World Wide Consortium
Answer: A) W3C

15) Where is RAM located?
A) Mother Board
B) Expansion Board
C) External Drive
D) None
Answer: A) Mother Board

16) Punched card is also called
A) Hollerith card
B) Video card
C) Sound card
D) Accelerator card
Answer: A) Hollerith card

17) Artificial Intelligence is associated with which generation?
A) 4th generation
B) 3rd generation
C) 5th generation
D) 6th generation
Answer: C) 5th generation

18) A formal language used to express information or knowledge, often for use in computer system design is?
A) Command Language
B) Machine Language
C) Markup Language
D) Modeling language
Answer: D) Modeling language

19) Which of the following is not an example of a Word Processor?
A) IBM Lotus Symphony
B) Microsoft Word
C) Google Docs
D) Microsoft Excel
Answer: D) Microsoft Excel

20) Processing speed of computer is measured in MIPS.
Answer: A) TRUE

21) Which of the following is not true about tape storage?
A) A benefit of tape is that it allows for nonsequential access.
B) A benefit of tape is that it allows for sequential access.
C) Both A & B
D) None of the above
Answer: A) A benefit of tape is that it allows for nonsequential access.

22) Internet Explorer falls under
A) an internet web browser
B) a compiler
C) an operating system
D) an IP address
Answer: A) an internet web browser

23) CD-ROM is a semiconductor memory.
Answer: B) FALSE

24) The internet was created to provide
A) A secure form of communications
B) A common communications means for all computers
C) Both A & B
D) None of the above
Answer: C) Both A & B

25) Which of the following file extension is used in MS Word 2003?
A) .exe
B) .doc
C) .docx
D) .acs
Answer: B) .doc

26) The amount of RAM storage is measured in
A) bytes
B) mega bytes
C) giga bytes
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

27) Linux is ______.
A) an operating system
B) an assembly language
C) a high level language
D) an interpreter
Answer: A) an operating system  

28) Which computer memory is essentially empty?
Answer: D) ROM

29) _________ software are freely available and can be edited and customized by anyone.
A) Free Source
B) Open Source
C) Easy Source
D) Unpaid Source
Answer: B) Open Source

30) Ctrl+F in MS Word for
A) Re do
B) to find the word
C) Select all
D) Center text
Answer: B) to find the word

31) Which of the following is an extension of a temporary file?
A) .tnt
B) .tar
C) .tmp
D) .txt
Answer: C) .tmp

32) EPROM can be used for
A) Erasing and reconstructing the contents of ROM
B) Duplicating ROM
C) Reconstructing the contents of ROM
D) Erasing the contents of ROM
Answer: A) Erasing and reconstructing the contents of ROM

33) Storage which stores or retains data after power off is called____
A) Volatile storage
B) Non-volatile storage
C) Sequential storage
D) Direct storage
Answer: B) Non-volatile storage

34) Computers and communication technologies affect our lives in ways that include: __________, in terms of knowledge creation, publishing and distribution.
A) Societal
B) Technological
C) Educational
D) Personal
Answer: B) Technological  

35) The Network is overloaded with enormous data sent by many computers within the network. The inability of the network to deliver the data is termed as __________ .
A) Access control
B) Congestion
C) Error propagation
D) Deadlock
Answer: B) Congestion

36) ________ perform Internet Protocol blocking to protect networks from unauthorized access.
A) Firewalls
B) Proxy Servers
C) Routers
Answer: A) Firewalls

37) In the context of a word document, the term gutter stands for ______.
A) the blank page inserted in between two filled pages
B) the space left on the left side for rough work
C) the space between two paragraphs
D) the space left on one side for stitching and binding
Answer: D) the space left on one side for stitching and binding

38) In Microsoft Excel ,
A) End of column
B) End of row
C) One cell Left
D) One cell right
Answer: A) End of column

39) ________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors
A) Tracking
B) Formatting
C) Crashing
D) Allotting
Answer: B) Formatting

40) What is the most common way to get a virus in your computers hard disk?
A) By installing games from CD ROMs
B) By opening e-mails
C) By uploading pictures from mobile to the computers
D) By sending e-mails
Answer: B) By opening e-mails

41) Programs designed specifically to address general purpose applications and special-purpose applications are called ......
A) Management Information System
B) System Software
C) Application Software
D) None of these
Answer: C) Application Software

42) To delete columns or rows we can use the delete option under the ______________ in Microsoft Word.
A) Menu
B) Standard toolbar
C) Table Menu
D) Drawing toolbar
Answer: C) Table Menu

43) Notepad' is a text editor in which of the following operating systems?
A) Windows
B) Google Chrome
C) Mozilla Firefox
D) Macintosh
Answer: A) Windows

44) A ........ is approximately one billion bytes
A) Megabyte
B) Gigabyte
C) Terabyte
D) None of these
Answer: B) Gigabyte

45) Related to computers, what is 'Wetware' ?
A) Computer programs
B) Circuitory
C) Human brain
D) Chemical storage devices
Answer: C) Human brain

46) In a spreadsheet program how is data organized?
A) Rows and columns
B) Layers and planes
C) Lines and spaces
D) All of the above
Answer: A) Rows and columns

47) _______ uses laser technology to store large amount of information
A) Floppy disk
C) Hard disk
Answer: B) CD-ROM

48) Which of these is not a web browser?
A) Chrome
B) Firefox
C) Safari
D) Linux
Answer: D) Linux

49) Every HTML file is a ___________ file.
A) Text
B) Audio
C) Video
D) Image
Answer: A) Text

50) Books in electronic formats are called _________.
A) i-books
B) e-books
C) e-library
D) e-learning
Answer: B) e-books

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