10 Best Fresh Android Apps From August 2023

10 Best Fresh Android Apps From August 2023


In the fast-paced world of technology, Android app developers are constantly striving to enhance our mobile phones and tablets with innovative and exciting applications. With a multitude of Android apps being released daily, it can be challenging for users to keep track of all the latest offerings. For those seeking something entirely new and fresh, we have compiled a list of the ten best Android apps that emerged in August 2023. From download managers to theming applications and note-taking tools, let's explore the cream of the crop in the world of Android apps.

  1. Checketry - Fresh Android Apps In August

Checketry is a unique download manager for Android that takes a different approach. Unlike traditional download managers that focus on on-device downloads, Checketry enables users to manage their PC downloads remotely. Whether it's Steam downloads, Firefox, Chrome, EA Origin, Battle.net, uTorrent, or BitTorrent, this app allows you to monitor and control your PC downloads from your Android device seamlessly.

  1. Gallery Go - Fresh Android Apps In August

Developed by Google, Gallery Go is an offline-capable version of Google Photos. It allows users to view and organize their pictures, even when offline. With support for SD cards and an auto-enhance feature, Gallery Go ensures your photos look their best without the need for manual editing. The app also offers intelligent categorization, sorting your pictures into groups like people, selfies, nature, animals, and more.

  1. Hex Installer - Fresh Android Apps In August

Hex Installer is a theming application tailor-made for Samsung phones. With an impressive collection of sixty themeable apps, sixteen color options, and support for third-party apps, users can create their personalized themes. The app offers live previews, allowing you to monitor your theme's progress, and if you're familiar with Synergy, you'll find the process familiar.

  1. mnml Launcher Early Access

mnml Launcher, created by the developer behind Art walls and AMOLED mnml X wallpaper apps, is a minimal launcher still in development. Its straightforward UI features a home screen and an app drawer, making it perfect for users who prefer simplicity. While it is a work in progress, mnml Launcher shows immense potential and is worth keeping an eye on as it continues to evolve.

  1. Night Vision/ToF Viewer - Fresh Android Apps In August

Night Vision/ToF Viewer is a specialized camera app that utilizes depth information from a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor. Although it may not work with regular camera sensors, it provides unique features like edge detection and confidential information viewing. Note that this app only functions on devices equipped with a ToF sensor.

  1. Philo

Philo is a fresh video streaming service offering an on-demand video experience similar to Hulu and Netflix. With a wide range of shows from networks like AMC, BET, Comedy Central, Discovery, HGTV, and Food Network, Philo provides an entertaining streaming experience. However, it's worth noting that Philo currently lacks Chromecast support.

  1. Post-it - Fresh Android Apps In August

Post-it offers a fun and exciting note-taking experience by using Post-it note graphics. Users can share and organize notes while exporting them to various formats, including Excel, PowerPoint, Dropbox, and PDF. Although it currently focuses more on fun than functionality, future updates are expected to enhance its capabilities.

  1. Ruff

Ruff is a distinct note-taking app, presenting users with one vast notepad where they can jot down anything they want. It's an excellent choice for creative writers, list-makers, and those in need of longer-form notes. The free version provides access to a single text page, while the premium version offers additional features, including a stash feature and multiple notes support.

  1. Squarespace

The Squarespace app allows users to manage their websites seamlessly. With the ability to add blog posts, upload images, and design sites, Squarespace makes website management more convenient than using a mobile browser. While a few bugs may be present, especially related to picture uploads, the app is still useful and expected to receive improvements.

  1. Steam Link

Though not a new app, Steam Link's stable version was officially released in August 2019. The latest version includes support for over two hundred devices, along with several bug fixes and performance enhancements. Steam Link enables users to play their PC-based Steam games on their Android phones using a controller, offering a similar experience to Google Stadia but with your PC as the gaming platform.


As the Android app market continues to evolve, August 2023 has brought us an exciting array of fresh and innovative apps. From download managers and theming applications to note-taking tools and video streaming services, these Android apps cater to a wide range of interests and needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your download management, organize photos offline, create personalized themes, or discover new note-taking experiences, the Best Fresh Android Apps from August 2023 have got you covered.

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