English Questions for SSC CGL: PDF Download and Practice Set

English Questions for SSC CGL: PDF Download and Practice Set

Introduction: The English language section is an essential part of competitive exams like SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level). To excel in this section, it is crucial to have a strong command of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. This article provides a comprehensive collection of English questions specifically tailored for SSC CGL aspirants. The PDF download includes a variety of question types to help you practice and improve your English language skills.

  1. Grammatical Error Detection Questions Practice Set: This section focuses on identifying and correcting grammatical errors in sentences. It helps assess your understanding of grammar rules, sentence structure, and usage. Practicing these questions will enhance your ability to spot and rectify grammatical errors.

  2. Indirect Form of the Given Sentence: This question type assesses your understanding of indirect speech or reported speech. It requires you to convert a direct statement or question into its corresponding indirect form. Practicing these questions will strengthen your knowledge of sentence transformation.

  3. Idioms for SSC CGL, CHSL Exams: Idioms play a significant role in the English language. This section presents a list of commonly used idioms along with their meanings. Understanding and memorizing idioms will enhance your ability to comprehend and interpret figurative language.

  4. One-Word Substitute Questions: One-word substitutes are single words that represent a phrase or concept. This section includes a collection of one-word substitute questions. It helps improve your vocabulary and ability to express ideas concisely.

  5. Select the Incorrectly Spelt Word: This question type tests your ability to identify misspelled words in a given set of options. It helps enhance your spelling accuracy and attention to detail.

  6. Synonyms for SSC CGL, CHSL: Synonyms are words that have similar meanings. This section provides a list of words and their synonyms, helping you expand your vocabulary and improve your word choice.

  7. Antonyms Questions for Competitive Exams: Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. This section presents a variety of antonym questions to help you develop your vocabulary and understanding of word relationships.

  8. Practice Questions: Fill in the Blanks: This question type requires you to select the appropriate word or phrase to complete a sentence. Practicing these questions will improve your comprehension and grammar skills.

  9. Substitute the Underlined Segment in the Given Sentence: This question type assesses your ability to identify and substitute incorrect or inappropriate phrases or words in a sentence. It helps enhance your understanding of sentence structure and usage.

  10. Para Jumbles Questions: Para jumbles are paragraphs or sentences that are jumbled up, and you need to rearrange them to form a coherent passage. This section includes para jumbles questions to improve your logical thinking and sequencing abilities.

  11. Active and Passive Voice Questions: Active and passive voice refers to the way a sentence is structured to indicate whether the subject is performing the action or receiving the action. This section presents questions related to converting sentences from active to passive voice and vice versa.

  12. English Comprehension: This section includes reading comprehension passages followed by questions that assess your comprehension skills, vocabulary, and ability to draw inferences from the given text.

By downloading the PDF and practicing these English questions, you can enhance your language skills, build vocabulary, and improve your performance in the English language section of the SSC CGL exam.

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