Business Awareness Question and Answers MCQ Set 1

 Business Awareness Question and Answers

1) Which of the following BPO companies is wholly-owned subsidiary of polaris Software?
A) Spectramind
B) Drogeon
D) Optimus
Answer: D) Optimus

2) Which is India's Largest BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Company?
A) Piogeon
B) Spectramind
C) Technovate
D) None of these
Answer: B) Spectramind

4) Equity firm Warburg Pincus and telecom company Sing Tel Hold equity stake in which Indian Cellular service provider?
A) Bharti Televenture
B) Hutch
C) Idea
D) Reliance Telecom
Answer: A) Bharti Televenture

5) When the demand of a commodity also depends upon prices of the substitutes & complementaries or relative prices then it is called
A) Income-Demand
B) Price-demand
C) Cross-Demand
D) None
Answer: C) Cross-Demand

6) Iveco, Part of the Fiat group, holds 15 per cent stake in an Indian automobile company. The  company in the question is 
A) AShok Leyland
B) Hindustan Motors
C) Tata Motors
D) Eitcher
Answer: A) AShok Leyland

7) Which is South Korea's largest car manufacturing 
A) Hyundai
B) Honda
C) Suzuki
D) Toyota
Answer: A) Hyundai

8) In a Comprehensive settlement of Dabhol Power Project, two American companies have agreed to transfer its share in the project. One of them is General Electric. Identify another one.
A) Exxon Mobile
B) Bechtel
C) Chevron
D) Unocal
Answer: B) Bechtel

9) A raise in the price of a product causes
A) an increase in competition
B) an increase in demand
C) a decrease in competition
D) a decrease in supply
Answer: A) an increase in competition

10) The 'Neticket' scheme, which allows a passenger to fly without ever visiting a reservation counter has been introduced by :
A) Jet Airwaya
B) Sahara Air
C) Indian Airlines
D) None of these
Answer: C) Indian Airlines

11) Name the new Business Area which Sahara India Parivar has entered into:
A) Software
B) Cement
C) Advertising
D) Travel & Tourism
Answer: D) Travel & Tourism

12) which company uses tagline "Drive your way" ?
A) Yamaha
B) Toyota
C) Erickson
D) Hyundai
Answer: D) Hyundai

13) Which Indian Pharmaceutical company has announced to acquire Roche's active, pharmaceutical ingredients business in Mexico? Rache is a well-known global pharmaceutical
A) Wockhardt
B) Cipla
C) Dr Reddy's Lab
D) Ranbaxy
Answer: C) Dr Reddy's Lab

14) Which of the following is the largest non-banking company in India?
A) Peerless
B) Tata Finance
C) Reliance Finance Capital Ltd
Answer: D) ICICI

15) Boost and Crocin brands are owned by which company?
A) GalaxoSmithKline
B) Pfizer
C) Henz
D) ParasPharma
Answer: A) GalaxoSmithKline

16) Titan industries has rolled out its own Swiss made premium watches in India under the brand Name of 
A) Insignia
B) Xylys
C) Bvlgeri
D) Titan Sens
Answer: B) Xylys

17) Centralisation is said to exist if 
A) Top Management retains most of the decision making authority
B) Authority is shared with Managers at lower levels
C) Employees at all levels are allowed to take initiative in work related matters
D) None of the above
Answer: A) Top Management retains most of the decision making authority

18) Other things equal an improvement in productivity will
A) shift the aggregate demand curve to the left
B) shift the aggregate supply curve to the right
C) increase the equilibrium price level
D) shift the aggregate supply curve to the left
Answer: B) shift the aggregate supply curve to the right

19) An improvement in production technology will
A) shift the supply curve to the left
B) shift the demand curve to the left
C) shift the supply curve to the right
D) increase equilibrium price
Answer: C) shift the supply curve to the right

20) Chennai-based FMCG company, CavinKare has made an entry into homecare segment by launching a liquid  toilet cleaner. The brand name of the toilet cleaner is
A) Tavex
B) Tex
C) Texco
D) Domotex
Answer: B) Tex

21) "Let your heart fly" baseline is associated with which airlines company?
A) Fly Emirates
B) Indian Airlines
C) Jet Airways
D) Lufthansa
Answer: B) Indian Airlines

22) The advantages of being an entrepreneur are
A) making the important decisions
B) you choose the work you like to do
C) opportunity to be your own boss
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

23) Taj Hotels has entered into a marketing alliance with The Shilla Hotels & Resorts of Korea. Shilla Hotels is affiliated to which industrial group?
A) Hyundai
C) Samsung
D) Daewoo
Answer: C) Samsung

24) Which newspaper has acquired 67 per cent stake in Kolkata-based daily The Asian Age?
A) Hindustan Times
B) Times of India
C) Deccan Chronicle
D) The Hindu
Answer: C) Deccan Chronicle

25) Steel tycoo Laksmi Mittal has acquired minority stakes in which Indian financial service company?
A) Anand Rathi Financial Services
B) Indiabulls Credit Services
C) Farallon Capital
D) Kothari Pioneer
Answer: B) Indiabulls Credit Services

26) Which IT company has developed Financial Core - a banking software product?
A) Wipro
B) Satyam
C) Infosys
Answer: C) Infosys

27) In which of the following business areas Bausch & Lomb is operating in?
A) Vision care
B) Auto ancillary
C) Apparel
D) Retailing
Answer: A) Vision care

28) In a first instance of foreign oil company planning to list in the Indian Capital market, a well-known energy company has announced to go in for IPO to be listed on BSE. Name of the exploration and production company is 
A) Unocol
B) Shell
C) British Petroleum
D) Cairn Energy
Answer: D) Cairn Energy

30) Name the IT firm which has created two tools My Business and Digital Unlocked for the small and medium businesses in India, that would help to create an online presence?
A) Google
B) Facebook
C) Yahoo
D) Microsoft
Answer: A) Google

31) A person should consume more of something when its marginal cost
A) Benefit exceeds its marginal cost
B) Marginal cost exceeds its benefit
C) Benefit deceeds its marginal cost
D) None of the above
Answer: A) Benefit exceeds its marginal cost

32) Sun life of Canada is operating in India in alliance with
A) AB Birla Group
B) Sahara Group
C) Bermans
D) Thapars
Answer: A) AB Birla Group

33) Performance goals are used to
A) measure productivity
B) determine a worker's attitude
C) measure effectiveness, but not efficiency
D) communicate nonverbally
Answer: A) measure productivity

34)What is the best definition of the term cottage industry?
A) goods are produced at home
B) group of cottages that serves as factory
C) people of same colony work at same place
D) people work at industries leaving their homes
Answer: A) goods are produced at home

35) Which of the following BPO companies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polaris software?
B) Progeon
C) Optimus
D) Spectramind
Answer: C) Optimus

36) Asian Hotels Ltd owns and operates world's one of the leading hotel brands in India. Identify the brand.
A) Le Meridien
B) Hyatt Regency
C) Hilton
D) Welcome
Answer: B) Hyatt Regency

37) As per the newspaper report, the world's second largest generic Pharama company, Sandoz is in talks to take over YK Hamied - promoted domestic pharma company. The company in the question is _______
A) Cipla
B) Wockhardt
C) Hamdard
D) Sun Pharma
Answer: A) Cipla

38) Which Payments Bank becoming the first bank to offer cash backs on deposits  ?
A) Postal Payments Bank
B) Airtel Payments Bank
C) Aditya Birla Payments Bank
D) Paytm Payments Bank
Answer: D) Paytm Payments Bank

39) Brand Name 'Ykk' is related to 
A) Cars
B) Cellular Phones
C) Zip
D) Shoe polish
Answer: C) Zip

40) Mike McNamara is the founder of 
A) American Express
B) Citibank
C) Pepsico
D) Standard Chartered
Answer: B) Citibank

41) Name the first Indian businessman who found place in the cover story of Forbes magazine
A) Anil Ambani
B) Dr Reddy
C) Azim Hasham Premji
D) Narayan Murthy
Answer: C) Azim Hasham Premji

42) Smoke alarms are only necessary in the workplace.
Answer: B) FALSE

43) France-based Thomson has sold its Italian tubes manufacturing plant to an Indian company. Identify the company.
B) Mirc Electronics
C) Videocon
D) Godrej
Answer: C) Videocon

44) Delphi, the world's largest auto component manufacturer, has the joint venture agreement with which indian company?
B) Bajaj Auto
C) Hero Motors
D) Bharat Forge
Answer: A) TVS

45) An example of an on premise establishment is
A) A local pub
B) A restaurant that sells mixed drinks
C) Both A & B
D) None of the above
Answer: C) Both A & B

46) One of the following companies was in the news over alleged charges of international trademark and copyright violation. Identify it?
A) Kingfisher Airlines
B) Mumbai Dyeing
C) Derby
D) Hutch
Answer: D) Hutch

47) Which Company has launched 'Citizen First' advertisement campaign?
A) Infosys
D) Reliance
Answer: C) ITC

48) 'River' Brand of MP3 player has been launched in india  by Salora International. The Brand which is competing with apple's ipod is owned by which company?
A) ReignCom
C) Toshiba
D) Panasonic
Answer: A) ReignCom

49) Which state tourism department's motto is 'A living heritage of heroism'?
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Gujarat
C) Rajasthan
D) Himachal Pradesh
Answer: C) Rajasthan

50) The solution for all business needs is
Answer: C) ERP

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