Animals and Birds Quiz Multiple Choice Questions Online - Set 19

1) In which of the following groups animals bear no teeth ?
A) Peacock, Ostrich and Tortoise
B) Turtle, Kiwi and Cow
C) Owl, Loris and Crow
D) Alligator, Turtle and Tortoise
Answer: A) Peacock, Ostrich and Tortoise

2) Which of the following birds is the state bird of three indian states?
A) Hill Mynah
B) Blue Jay( Indian Roller)
C) Greater Flamingo
D) Great Hornbill
Answer: B) Blue Jay( Indian Roller)

3) The age of a lion can be determined from its
A) hair
B) nose
C) nails
D) tail
Answer: B) nose

4) Which of the following has the largest eyes of all land mammals?
A) Horse
B) Elephant
C) Camel
D) Rhinocerous
Answer: A) Horse

5) Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature?
A) Whale shark
B) Gibbon
C) Humpback Whales
D) Howler monkey
Answer: C) Humpback Whales

6) Which is the only snake that builds nests ?
A) King Cobra
B) Anaconda
C) Python
D) Viper
Answer: A) King Cobra

7) For How many years have the dinosaurs been extinct?
A) About 25 million years
B) About 65 million years
C) About 100 million years
D) About 135 million years
Answer: B) About 65 million years

8) What time of year do squirrels build nests?
A) Winter
B) Summer
C) Rainy
D) Monsoon
Answer: B) Summer

9) Which among the following have a 'mixed heart'?
A) Reptiles
B) Nematodes
C) Birds
D) Fishes
Answer: A) Reptiles

10) Which is the only snake that builds nests?
A) Python
B) Anaconda
C) Viper
D) King Cobra
Answer: D) King Cobra

11) How much water can be used by a camel in drinking in a single time ?
A) Up to 60 ltr.
B) Up to 100 ltr.
C) Up to 80 ltr.
D) Up to 120 ltr.
Answer: B) Up to 100 ltr.

12) Number of chambers in reptiles heart? 
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
D) 1
Answer: C) 3

13) Which dinosaur is sometimes referred to as the thunder lizard?
A) Diplodocus
B) Brontosaurus
C) Arm reptile
D) Cunningham
Answer: B) Brontosaurus

14) Which is the only bird that can rotate its head to 270 degrees?
A) Kiwis
B) Owl
C) Peacock
D) Pigeon
Answer: B) Owl

15) Pashmina shawl is made from the hair of 
A) Sheep
B) Goat
C) Rabbit
D) Yak
Answer: B) Goat

16) How many years can a cat live up to?
A) 12
B) 20
C) 35
D) 87
Answer: B) 20

17) What animal has the shortest gestation period?
A) Elephant
B) Meadows
C) Mouse
D) Opossum
Answer: D) Opossum

18) This animal fasts for about 8 months in a year and yet is active, gives birth, and nurses its young while fasting. Name the animal
A) Polar Bear
B) Frog
C) Reindeer
D) Lion
Answer: A) Polar Bear

19) Which of the following is the world's most poisonous snake called Hydrophis ?
A) Adder
B) Boa
C) Cobra
D) Sea Snake
Answer: D) Sea Snake

20) What Animals are Warm Blooded?
A) Reptiles
B) Insects
C) Amphibians
D) Birds
Answer: D) Birds

21) Which living bird lays the world's largest egg?
A) Eagle
B) Ostrich
C) Owl
D) Vulture
Answer: B) Ostrich

22) Which of the following is the National Aquatic animal of India?
A) Salt water crocodile
B) Sea Turtle
C) Dugong
D) Dolphin
Answer: D) Dolphin

23) Name the bird that migrates from the north pole to the south pole and back?
A) Arctic tern
B) Swallow
C) Crane
D) Penguin
Answer: A) Arctic tern

24) For which one of the following snakes is the deit mainly composed of other snakes?
A) Krait
B) Russel's viper
C) Rattlesnake
D) King cobra
Answer: D) King cobra

25) A group of turkeys is called an Ambush.
Answer: B) FALSE

26) What animal has the highest blood pressure?
A) Elephant
B) Giraffe
C) Lion
D) Rabbit
Answer: B) Giraffe

27) Which animal dont have vocal cords?
A) Dog
B) Horse
C) Giraffe
D) Donkey
Answer: C) Giraffe

28) What animals eat both producers and consumers?
A) Herbivores
B) Omnivores
C) Carnivores
D) Tertiary consumers
Answer: B) Omnivores

29) A lion eating a zebra is an example of
A) predation
B) a keystone species
C) herbivory
D) habitat destruction
Answer: A) predation

30) The first tiger reserve in India to officially introduce a mascot, which has been named Bhoorsingh the Barasingha is
A) Sunderbans Tiger Reserve
B) Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
C) Kanha Tiger Reserve
D) Corbett Tiger Reserve
Answer: C) Kanha Tiger Reserve

31) What kind of creature is the heart on its head?
A) Cockroach
B) Snail
C) Shrimps
D) Honey bee
Answer: C) Shrimps

32) Red Coral Kukri, sometimes seen in news, is related to which class of reptiles?
A) Snakes
B) Turtles
C) Crocodiles
D) Lizards
Answer: A) Snakes

33) Which of the folowing is not a true snake?
A) Glass snake
B) Sea Snake
C) Tree Snake
D) Blind Snake
Answer: A) Glass snake

34) What is the maximum running land speed of Crocodile ?
B) 12 KMPL
C) 15 KMPL
D) 17 KMPL
Answer: D) 17 KMPL

35) The Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary (BBS) is located in which state  ?
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Bihar
C) Odisha
D) Haryana
Answer: D) Haryana

36) How many legs does a butterfly have?
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8
Answer: C) 6

37) If an animal is an ectotherm, it has?
A) A skeleton on the inside of its body
B) A body that does not produce much internal heat
C) A skeleton on the outside of its body
D) A body that regulates its own internal temperature
Answer: B) A body that does not produce much internal heat

38) What animal has the worst memory?
A) Dog
B) Rat
C) Elephant
D) Dolphin
Answer: C) Elephant

39) Which animal adaptation happened before the others?
A) Reproduction on land
B) Development of a colelom
C) Tissue development
D) Deuterostome development
Answer: C) Tissue development

40)Which is characterized by an absence of jaws?
A) Trout
B) Sea horse
C) Lamprey
D) All of the above
Answer: C) Lamprey

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