Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 4

Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 4

Dear Readers, Here we are providing Very Useful Computer Awarness Multiple Choice Question and Answers - MCQ that frequently used in our day life. This is very helpful for various competitive exams across the world example; IETL, GRE, ICET, UPSC, UPPSC, IFS, SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO, Clerks, IBPS, RRB, Insurance exams ... etc. This is very helpful Interviews if your attending, different entrance examination etc. 

1) In Microsoft Word, under paragraph formatting ___________ is used to align paragraph on right, left and center.
A) Font style
B) Indentation
C) Alignment
D) Spacing
Answer: C) Alignment

2) Which of the following is not a video file extension?
A) .flv
B) .mov
C) .mp3
D) None of the above
Answer: C) .mp3

3) Output devices make it possible to
A) View and print a data
B) Scan a data
C) Input a data
D) Sending a data
Answer: A) View and print a data

4) A web page is located using a
A) Universal Record Locator
B) Universal Resource Locator
C) Uniform Record Linking
D) Universal Record Linking
Answer: B) Universal Resource Locator

5) The unit MIPS is used to measure the speed of a___.
A) Disk drive
B) Tape drive
C) Printer
D) Processor
Answer: D) Processor

6) The basic operations performed by a computer are
A) Logical operation
B) Storage and relative
C) Arithmetic operation
D) All the above
Answer: D) All the above

7) A _______ is the main printed circuit board (PCB) in a computer.
A) CPU (Central Processing Unit)
B) Motherboard
C) ROM (Read only Memory)
D) RAM (Random Access Memory)
Answer: B) Motherboard

8) Which memory is nonvolatile?
A) Floppy discs
B) Magnetic tape
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

9) ...... this is the act of copying or downloading a program from a network and making multiple copies of it
A) Network piracy
B) Plagiarism
C) Software piracy
D) Site-Licency piracy
Answer: C) Software piracy

10) Which among the following is the brain of the computer?
A) Software
B) Hardware
D) Moniter
Answer: C) CPU

11) What does microprocessor speed of a computer depends on?
A) bandwidth
B) clock speed
C) number of instructions
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

12)  In Microsoft Word, _____________ refers to the way our text will look like.
A) Inserting
B) Formatting
C) Cutting
D) Pasting
Answer: B) Formatting

13) Which of the following is used to receive and send computer files over telephone lines?
A) MICR device
B) Floppy disk
C) Modem
D) Light pen
Answer: C) Modem

14) Which of the following memory is volatile?
B) Floppy disc
D) Magnetic tape
Answer: A) RAM

15) Word length of a personal computer is
A) 32 bit
B) 16 bit
C) 8 bit
D) 4 bit
Answer: C) 8 bit

16) Hard copy of a document is
A) Printed on printer
B) Stored in floppy
C) Store in CD
D) Store in hard disk
Answer: A) Printed on printer

17) In IT, the technique of delaying outgoing acknowledgements temporarily is known as
A) AR Acknowledgement
B) AR request
C) Piggybacking
D) Piggyframing
Answer: C) Piggybacking

18) Which one is anti-virus?
A) CodeRed
B) Melissa
C) CryptoLocker
D) Dr.Web
Answer: D) Dr.Web

19) Unsolicited e-mail is called a ______
A) Newsgroup
B) Usenet
C) Backbane
D) Spam
Answer: D) Spam

20) In Microsoft Excel, left arrow key stroke leads to ____________ cell movement on spreadsheet
A) One cell up
B) One cell down
C) One cell Left
D) One cell right
Answer: C) One cell Left

21) The command that merges the contents of one file to another is
Answer: A) APPEND

22) Which of the following is an example of Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory?
A) Flange
B) Fury
C) Flash
Answer: C) Flash

23) Which of the following is not an Input device?
A) Joystick
B) Headphones
C) Mouse
D) Scanner
Answer: B) Headphones

24) The combination of operating system and processor in a computer is reffered  to as a computers ________
A) firmware
B) specifications
C) minimum requirements
D) platform
Answer: D) platform

25) What is amodem connected to?
A) processor
B) mother board
C) printer
D) phone line
Answer: D) phone line

26) Which function key displays the Print Preview window in Microsoft Office?
A) Ctrl + F2
B) Alt + Ctrl + F2
C) Shift + F2
D) Alt + F2
Answer: A) Ctrl + F2

27) Which is the official language for Android development?
A) Java
D) Ada
Answer: A) Java

28) A homepage is
A) main page of the website
B) access to internet
C) an access to the saved files
D) index page of a dictionary
Answer: A) main page of the website

29) An absolute ________ contains the complete address of a file on the Internet.
A) JavaScript
D) String
Answer: B) URL

30) The function of an assembler is ________
A) To convert basic language into machine language
B) To convert high level language into machine language
C) To convert assemble language into machine language
D) To convert assemble language into high level language
Answer: C) To convert assemble language into machine language

31) Which of the following is not an Operating System?
A) Windows Vista
B) Linux
C) Microsoft Office
D) Apple's Mac OS
Answer: C) Microsoft Office

32) CMOS is a
A) Battery-powered memory chip
B) Basic input-output system
C) Storage device
D) Cache memory operating system
Answer: A) Battery-powered memory chip

33) Which shortcut key is used for previewing the page before printing?
A) CTRL + F10
B) CTRL + F6
C) CTRL + F5
D) CTRL + F2
Answer: D) CTRL + F2  

34) A person who used his or her expertise to gain access to other people's computers to get information illegally or do damage is a ________
A) spammer
B) hacker
C) instant messenger
D) programmer
Answer: B) hacker

35) Which of the following errors are identified by the compiler?
A) Logical Errors
B) Hardware Errors
C) Language Errors
D) Image Errors
Answer: A) Logical Errors

36) The "home page" of a website is....................
A) The first page
B) The largest page
C) The most colorful page
D) The last page
Answer: B) The largest page

37) Web applications are designed to interpret _____________ to display text, images etc.
B) Hyperlinks
C) Computers
D) World Wide Web
Answer: A) HTML

38) Main memory works in conjunction with
B) Intel
D) Special function cards
Answer: A) CPU

39) RAM is ____ and ____
A) volatile, temporary
B) nonvolatile, permanent
C) nonvolatile, temporary
D) volatile, permanent
Answer: A) volatile, temporary

40) An object is composed of
A) Methods
B) Attributes
C) Properties
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

41) In Microsoft Word, _____ is a position we set for placing and aligning text on a page.
A) Standard tool bar
B) View Buttons
C) Formatting tool bar
D) Tab stop
Answer: D) Tab stop

42) Multitasking system specifically refers to
A) More than one user
B) More than one process
C) More than one hardware
D) More than one IP address
Answer: B) More than one process

43) The depth of a complete binary tree is given by
A) Dn = log 2 (n+1)
B) Dn = log 1/2 (n+1)
C) Dn = log (n+1)
D) Dn = log 2 (n-1)
Answer: A) Dn = log 2 (n+1)

44) In HTML, ______________ is a set of links designed as buttons.
A) Header area
B) Menu bar
C) Body of the page
D) Footer area
Answer: B) Menu bar

45) Hard disk is coated in both side with
A) Carbon layer
B) Magnetic metallic oxide
C) Optical metallic oxide
D) All of the above
Answer: B) Magnetic metallic oxide

46) Where is the RAM located in a computer?
A) Monitor
B) Processor
C) Mother board
D) None of the above
Answer: C) Mother board

47) SMTP in computer science stands for?
A) Simple Markup Transfer Protocol
B) Systems Mail Transfer Protocol
C) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
D) Systems Memory Transfer Protocol
Answer: C) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

48) In Microsoft Word, _______ contains tools for standard tasks like saving, printing, cutting, copying, pasting etc.
A) Standard tool bar
B) Menu bar
C) Formatting tool bar
D) Status bar
Answer: A) Standard tool bar

49) HTML in computer science stands for?
A) HyperText Markup Language
B) HyperText Main Language
C) HyperText Memory Language
D) HyperText Mandatory Language
Answer: A) HyperText Markup Language

50) A worksheet range is a
A) A command used for data modeling
B) A range of values such as from 23 to 234
C) A group of cells
D) A group of worksheets
Answer: C) A group of cells

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