Computer Awareness MCQs and Quiz -1

1) OCR stands for
A) Optical Character Recognition
B) Optical CPU Recognition
C) Optimal Character Rendering
D) Other Character Restoration
Answer: A) Optical Character Recognition

2) Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on
A) disk pack in disk surface
B) tracks per inch of surface
C) bits per inch of tracks
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

3) ___________ defines data types and the relationships among them.
A) Data definition language
B) Data manipulation language
C) Query language
Answer: A) Data definition language

4) IP address is currently
A) 4 bytes long
B) available in plenty
C) 6 bytes long
D) not assigned as it is all used up
Answer: A) 4 bytes long

5) IT Stands for?
A) Information Technology
B) Integrated Technology
C) Intelligence Technology
D) Interesting Technology
Answer: A) Information Technology

6) In computer terminology, what is the full form of FTP?
A) Final Transfer Position
B) File Transfer Position
C) File Transfer Packet
D) File Transfer Protocol
Answer: D) File Transfer Protocol

7) Who are the primary users of SCM systems?
A) Accounting, finance, logistics, and production
B) Customers, resellers, partners, suppliers, and distributors
C) Sales, marketing, customer service
D) All of the above
Answer: B) Customers, resellers, partners, suppliers, and distributors

8) Which of these is not a database management system (DBMS)?
A) Sybase
D) Cosmos
Answer: D) Cosmos

9) Current search engines function by recognizing keywords.
Answer: A) TRUE

10) In Microsoft Excel, the _______() function returns the largest value among the values passed as arguments.
Answer: D) MAX

11) Who is the father of email ?
A) Charles Babbage
B) Ray Tomlinson
C) Tim Berners Lee
D) Paul Buchheit
Answer: B) Ray Tomlinson

12) In the following list of devices, which device is used in datalink layer?
A) Repeaters
B) Routers
C) Application gateway
D) Bridge
Answer: D) Bridge

13) Which of the following is an application protocol?
Answer: A) HTTP

14) In Computer programming API is set of subroutinedefinitions, protocols, and tools for building software andapplications. Which among the following is an applicationprogramming interface for the programming language Java,which defines how a client may access a database?
Answer: D) JDBC

15) Which of the following error occurs when software tries toaccess protected memory?
A) Segmentation Fault
B) Display time Error
C) IO Error
D) Runtime Error
Answer: A) Segmentation Fault

16) Which of the following is the storage area within the computer itself which holds data only temporarily as the computer process instructions?
A) the hard disk
B) main memory
C) the control unit
D) read-only memory
Answer: B) main memory

17) In Microsoft Word, under character formatting ___________ makes character stand out by making them bold, Italic or both.
A) Size
B) Font style
C) Effects
D) Font style
Answer: D) Font style

18) C. P. U. consists of
A) Arithmetic and Logical unit and Register
B) Arithmetic and Logical unit, Register and Control unit
C) System unit and Memory
D) Hard disk and Control unit
Answer: B) Arithmetic and Logical unit, Register and Control unit

19) In windows, start button is used to
A) Run applications
B) Device setting
C) Turn off the system
D) All of above
Answer: D) All of above

20) In the field of computing, what does VGA stand for?
A) Video Graphics Array
B) Video Graphics Audio
C) Visual Graphics Audio
D) Visual Graphics Array
Answer: A) Video Graphics Array

21) Paul Allen, who died in October 2018, was the co-founder of
A) Oracle
C) Microsoft
Answer: C) Microsoft

22) What is meant by a dedicated computer?
A) Which is assigned one and only one task
B) Which is meant for application software
C) Which is used by one person only
D) Which uses one kind of software
Answer: A) Which is assigned one and only one task

23) ______ is the maximum amount of data that can be stored on a storage medium.
A) Magnetic storage
B) Optical storage
C) Solid-state storage
D) Storage capacity
Answer: D) Storage capacity

24) In the context of computers and communication technology, 1 megabyte is equal to ______.
A) 512 bytes
B) 1024 bytes
C) 512 kilobytes
D) 1024 kilobytes
Answer: D) 1024 kilobytes

25) What is a bug in computer terminology?
A) A virus
B) A program
C) An error in program
D) Magnetic disk storage device
Answer: C) An error in program

26) AT&T designed its first commercial modem, specifically forconverting digital computer data to analog signals fortransmission across its long distance network. What is thename of the modem?
A) Telex
B) Memex
C) CompuServe
D) Bell 103 dataset

27) The following are components of a database except ________ .
A) indexes
B) user data
C) metadata
D) reports
Answer: D) reports

28) National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and ______ are planning to launch ‘Android Skill Development Programme’ to impart mobile app
A) Microsoft
B) Google
C) Amazon
D) Infosys
Answer: B) Google

29) Which of the following is a popular programming language for developing multimedia webpages.
B) Java
D) Assembler
Answer: B) Java

30) Which Company is the biggest player in the microprocessor industry  ?
C) Motorola
D) Intel
Answer: D) Intel

31) How many bits does an IP address contain?
A) 64 bits
B) 32 Bits
C) 128 Bits
D) 256 Bits
Answer: B) 32 Bits

32) In computer science, data hazard occurs when
A) pipeline changes the order of read/write access to operands
B) performance loss
C) machine size is limited
D) some functional unit is not fully pipelined
Answer: A) pipeline changes the order of read/write access to operands

33) Which process refers to the starting up of a computer and the loading of the required parts of the operating system into the RAM?
A) Booting
B) Tagging
C) Swipping
D) Mapping
Answer: A) Booting

34) The clipboard
A) is a Cache memory
B) is a feature that stores user information
C) is used to temporarily store, items that has been cut or copied
D) is a feature that saves file temporarily
Answer: C) is used to temporarily store, items that has been cut or copied

35) Power Point presentation is a collection of
A) Outlines
B) Slides and Handouts
C) Speaker’s notes
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

36) In Microsoft Word, first line and hanging are special forms of ____________.
A) Alignment
B) Spacing
C) Effects
D) Indentation
Answer: D) Indentation

37) The persistence of learning over time most clearly depends on
A) memory
B) visual encoding
C) chunking
D) shallow processing
Answer: A) memory

38) To copy cell contents using drag and drop press the
A) Shift key
B) Alt key
C) End key
D) Ctrl key
Answer: D) Ctrl key

39) Commonly used abbreviation SEO in computer science stands for?
A) System Engine Optimization
B) Search Engine Optimization
C) Structured Engine Optimization
D) Single Engine Optimization
Answer: B) Search Engine Optimization

40) ___________ is an object model language standard.
A) Data definition language
B) Query language
C) Data manipulation language
Answer: D) OQL

41) What separates the components of a domain name?
A) apostrophes
B) periods
C) spaces
D) commas
Answer: B) periods

42) Cybercards are most useful for
A) writing to-do lists
B) creating new inventions
C) keeping a personal diary
D) tracking Internet-based research
Answer: D) tracking Internet-based research

43) In Microsoft Word, File, edit, view etc. are provided in _______________.
A) Standard tool bar
B) Menu bar
C) Formatting tool bar
D) Status bar
Answer: B) Menu bar

44) Which of the following is an example of an optical disk?
A) Digital versatile disks
B) Magnetic disks
C) Memory disks
D) Data bus disks
Answer: A) Digital versatile disks

45) What does a Browser do?
A) Looks through magazines and books in the library
B) Reads meterial really fast
C) It provides help menus
D) It is software used to view web pages
Answer: D) It is software used to view web pages

46) Data in database at a particular point of time is called as?
A) Intension
B) Extension
C) Back up
D) Application
Answer: B) Extension

47) In Microsoft Word, under character formatting ___________ increases/decreases the size of the characters
A) Size
B) Font
C) Effects
D) Font style
Answer: A) Size

48) To change the date shortcut used
A) Alt + F3
B) Alt + F2
C) F2
D) F1
Answer: C) F2

49) In Microsoft Word, page set up ___________ is the space left on one side for stitching and binding.
A) Portrait
B) Gutter
C) Landscape
D) Columns
Answer: B) Gutter

50) Where are the instructions which are used to run a digital computer stored?
A) Motherboard
B) Hard Disk
C) Memory
D) All of the above
Answer: C) Memory

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