Basic General Knowledge Question and Answer - Set 8

 Basic General Knowledge Question and Answer - Set 8

Dear Aspirants , Here we are sharing Basic General Knowledge Question and Answers mcq to you all which will be helpful for various competitive Exams i.e. SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Bank Exam, Railway Exam, RRB, Insurance exams, SBI PO, Clerks and IBPS CWE, UPSC, IAS Civils, Mains, etc. For your prepartion or enhance your skills in subject of this particular category very helpful to you. All the Best. 

1) Which city of India is known as 'The Athens of the East'?
A) Kochi
B) Allahabad
C) Madurai
D) Patna
Answer:C) Madurai

2) Which Bank has topped the list of the country’s top 50 brands, according to WPP’s BrandZ Top 50 report 2017 ?
B) HDFC Bank
C) Kotak Mahindra Bank
D) SBI Bank
Answer:B) HDFC Bank

3) What group of animals is called a congress?
A) Tigers
B) Baboons
C) Sheep
D) Lions
Answer:B) Baboons

4) Spalling hammer is used for
A) Carving of stones
B) Rough dressing of stones
C) Breaking small projection of stones
D) Driving wooden headed chisels
Answer:B) Rough dressing of stones

5) Leading communication app Truecaller has tied up with _________ to integrate the tech giant's video calling app Duo within the Truecaller app.
B) Google
C) Infosys
D) Facebook
6) _______________has launched Digital Education Programme for media agency professionals in Asia Pacific Region.
A) Facebook
B) Yahoo
C) Twitter
D) Google
Answer:C) Twitter

7) The highway transportation system is coordinated by
A) Your local police department
B) The Department of Education
C) Department of Transportation
D) The Internal Revenue Service
Answer:C) Department of Transportation

8) The first women Prime Minister of India?
A) Laxmi Bai
B) Indira Gandhi
C) Sarojini Naidu
D) Sonia Gandhi
Answer:B) Indira Gandhi

9) Sagarmatha friendship is between which two countries ?
A) India & China
B) China & Nepal
C) Pakistan & China
D) Nepal & India
Answer:B) China & Nepal

10) Dr. Linus Carl Pauling is the only person to have won two Nobel prizes individually for
A) Physics in 1954, Medicine in 1962
B) Peace Prize in 1954, Chemistry in 1962
C) Medicine in 1954, Physics in 1962
D) Chemistry in 1954, Peace Prize in 1962
Answer:D) Chemistry in 1954, Peace Prize in 1962

11) New Education Minister of India - 2019
A) Harsh Vardhan
B) Smriti Irani
C) Prakash Javadekar
D) Ramesh Pokhriyal
Answer:D) Ramesh Pokhriyal

12) Name the person who has become the first visually impaired Indian runner to complete the historic Boston Marathon.
A) Naval Kulkarni
B) Shankar Alam
C) Sagar Baheti
D) Saumya Vashishtha
Answer:C) Sagar Baheti

13) The first Asin to head the prestigious Trinity College at Cambridge University is 
A) Romesh Gunesekera
B) Bhabani Bhattacharya
C) Dr IG Patel
D) Amartya Sen
Answer:D) Amartya Sen

14) Who has launched a survey on the NaMo App, asking people to rate the performance of the government at the Centre and MPs and MLAs in their constituencies recently?
A) Home Minister Rajnath Singh
B) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
C) HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar
D) Finance Minister Piyush Goyal
Answer:B) Prime Minister Narendra Modi

15) Which of the following is NOT a representative of a Buddhist Art?
A) Vihara
B) Relic Towers
C) Stupa
D) Chaitya
Answer:B) Relic Towers

16) Which online security campaign has been launched by Google India to safeguard internet users?
A) #InternetSafetyKiya
B) #SecurityCheckKiya
C) #OnlineSecurityKiya
D) #SecureInternetKiya
Answer:B) #SecurityCheckKiya

17) Kandyan Dance' is a typical dance form practiced in ______.
A) Nepal
B) Bhutan
C) India
D) Sri Lanka
Answer:D) Sri Lanka

19) Which of the following countries is passing through a crisis called as "Darfur Humanitarian Crisis"?
A) Sudan
B) Somalia
C) Sierra Leone
D) Uganda
Answer:A) Sudan

20) The much-awaited "Extradition Treaty" between India and Bangladesh came into effect from
A) December 2013
B) October 2013
C) October 2012
D) December 2012
Answer:B) October 2013

21) 6 months day and 6 months night - Country Name?
A) Iceland
B) Norway
C) Tibet
D) Nepal
Answer:B) Norway

22) The amount of Matter in an Object is
A) Weight
B) Volume
C) Space
D) Mass
Answer:D) Mass

23) _______ has hailed ARJUN as "among the best three Main Battle Tanks" in the world 
A) Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
B) Dr MGK Menon
C) VS Arunachalam
D) Gen Shankar Roy Chowdhury
Answer:A) Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

24) 'Grand Slam' in Tennis Consists of which of the following combinations?
A) Wimbledon, Australian Open, Japan Open, US Open
B) Wimbledon, South Africa Open, French Open
C) Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open
D) Wimbledon, French Open, Italian Open, Australian Open
25) Who amongst the following is the author of the book "The Other Side Of Midnight"?
A) Ernest Hemmingway
B) Salman Rushdie
C) Sidney Sheldon
D) Katherine Mayo
Answer:C) Sidney Sheldon

26) Cadbury India, a subsidary of Mondelez International has recently changed its name to Mondelez International is related to which country?
B) France
C) Japan
Answer:D) US

27) UN Women propose to partner with ______ gender park with an aim to secure gender parity in South Asia.
A) Haryana’s
B) Rajasthan’s
C) Kerala’s
D) Punjab’s
Answer:C) Kerala’s

28) Breeding and management of bees is called
A) Silviculture
B) Sericulture
C) Pisciculture
D) Apiculture
Answer:D) Apiculture

29) Where is the eastern Naval Command Headquarters ?
A) Kakinada
B) Kolkata
C) Machilipatnam
D) Visakahapatnam
Answer:D) Visakahapatnam

30) Which of the following organizations/agencies has initiated a "Rural Development Programme" in Uttar Pradesh so that villages can be developed in an integrated manner?
Answer:C) NABARD

31) The Supreme Court has reconstituted the special Investigation Team(SIT) to expedite probe into Black Money Cases and directed the government to issue the necessary notification. Who of the following is the chairman of this team?
A) R.M.Lodha
B) Arijit Pasayat
C) Vinod Rai
D) M.B.Shah
Answer:D) M.B.Shah

32) During World War II, when did Germany attack France?
A) 1943
B) 1941
C) 1940
D) 1942
Answer:C) 1940

33) Which planet has maximum satellite?
A) Mars
B) Jupiter
C) Saturn
D) Earth
Answer:B) Jupiter

34) Fathometer is used to measure
A) Ocean depth
B) Earthquakes
C) Sound intensity
D) Rainfall
Answer:A) Ocean depth

35) Which state government has launched “Mahaswayam portal” for job seekers and employers  ?
A) Maharashtra
B) Telangana
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Assam
Answer:A) Maharashtra

36) Jewar airport is proposed to be developed in which state ? 
A) Madhya Pradesh
B) Punjab
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Uttarakhand
Answer:C) Uttar Pradesh

37) Karnataka Bank Limited has recently launched Missed Call Banking Facility. Which of the following Statements are true regarding this?
A) 1,3 and 4
B) 1,2,3 and 4
C) 1,2 and 3
D) 1,2 and 4
Answer:B) 1,2,3 and 4

38) What was the name of India's first ever micro-drama festival that was held recently in New Delhi ?
A) Taapsi
B) Thespis
C) Thanes Hare
D) Ankulrama
Answer:B) Thespis

39) Which of the following is NOT considered as a Greeen House Gas?
A) Nitrous oxide
B) Methane
C) Oxygen
D) Carbon dioxide
Answer:C) Oxygen

40) Which state government has inaugurated the upgraded version of police helpline Namma 100, where police officials will be deputed within 15 minutes to the spot of emergency  ?
A) Karnataka
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Telangana
Answer:A) Karnataka

41) NASA and ISRO to come together to inspect 'oldest civilisation' site in ____________ .
A) Gujarat
B) Telangana
C) Haryana
D) Rajasthan
Answer:C) Haryana

42) Numismatics is the study of
A) None
B) Stamps
C) Coins
D) Numbers
Answer:C) Coins

43) YUVA - a skill development programme under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, an initiative of ____.
A) Delhi Police
B) Border Security Force
C) Maharashtra Police
D) Central Industrial Security Forces
Answer:A) Delhi Police

44) Who among the following is called Bird man of India ?  
A) Saqlain Musthaffa
B) Iskandhar Meerja
C) Salim Malik
D) Salim Ali
Answer:D) Salim Ali

45) Which of the following countries has recently withdrawn as the host of the 2019 Asian Games?
A) Russia
B) Vietnam
C) Abu Dhabi
D) China
Answer:B) Vietnam

46) On which lake is the world's only floating post office situated?
A) Dal Lake
B) Chilika Lake
C) Wular Lake
D) Loktak Lake
Answer:A) Dal Lake

47) The Indian to beat the computers in mathematical wizardry is
A) Ramanujam
B) Rina Panigrahi
C) Raja Ramanna
D) Shakuntala Devi
Answer:D) Shakuntala Devi

48) Telegrahic code was introduced by
A) Thomas Moore
B) Macmillan
C) Cockrell
D) Lipman
Answer:A) Thomas Moore

49) Which University has topped the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 ?
A) Cambridge
B) IIT Kanpur
C) IISC Bangalore
D) Oxford
Answer:D) Oxford

50) What is the share of small savings collection from all states through Post Office in India's GDP?
A) 2 percent
B) 7 percent
C) 3 percent
D) 8 percent
Answer:C) 3 percent

51) Which is the headquarters of the Asin Development Bank?
A) Jakarta
B) Manila
C) Kuala Lumpur
D) Bangkok
Answer:B) Manila

52) The Indian Judge who has been re-elected to International Court of Justice(ICJ) 2017?
A) Dalveer Bhandari
B) Arjun Singh
C) R. S. Pathak
D) S.N. Rao
Answer:A) Dalveer Bhandari

53) With which Bank Amazon has signed an agreement to provide Micro-loans to sellers  ?
A) Union Bank
B) Bank of Baroda
C) United Bank
D) SBI Bank
Answer:B) Bank of Baroda

54) The European Union has adopted which of the following as common currency?
A) Yen
B) Dinar
C) Euro
D) Dollar
Answer:C) Euro

55) Which of the following has become the first country to grant citizenship to a Robot ?
A) Japan
B) China
C) Saudi Arabia
D) New Zealand
Answer:C) Saudi Arabia

56) Galileo
A) Both B & C
B) Discovered 4 satellites of Mars
C) Discovered that the movement of pendulum produces a regular time measurement
D) Developed the Telescope
Answer:A) Both B & C

57) What is a process whereby an Ecosystem can renew itself? 
A) Purification
B) Reconstruction
C) Succession
D) Cleansing
Answer:C) Succession

58) The book “The Other One Percent: Indians in America” has been authored by whom?
A) Sanjoy Chakravorty
B) Lionel Messi
C) Joe Harris
D) Balaji Vittal
Answer:A) Sanjoy Chakravorty

59) Who has become world's no.1 Junior Badminton player in 2017 ?
A) Chirag Sen
B) Chia Hao Lee
C) Lakshya Sen
D) Karthikey Gulshan Kumar
Answer:C) Lakshya Sen

60) Which country has announced referendum to add climate goals in its Constitution?
A) United Kingdom
B) Germany
C) New Zealand
D) France
Answer:D) France

61) "Good Samaritan Policy" has been launched by which state / union territory government?
A) Delhi
B) Gujarath
C) Telangana
D) Karnataka
Answer:A) Delhi

63) What does 'M' stand for in Roman numerals?
A) 1000
B) 500
C) 50
D) 1
Answer:A) 1000

65) Calculate the pressure (in Pa) if a thrust of 1000 N is applied to an area of 5 m2.
A) 200
B) 25
C) 100
D) 50
Answer:A) 200

66) Which river passes through maximum number of countries?
A) Rhine
B) Amazon
C) Volga
D) Danube
Answer:D) Danube

67) Which Bollywood actress has been appointed as the first Indian woman ambassador (Friend of Australia) for Tourism in Australia  ?
A) Shilpa Shetty
B) Priyanka Chopra
C) Parineeti Chopra
D) Aliya Bhatt
Answer:C) Parineeti Chopra

68) Which IIT institute has developed ‘soil-to-soil’ technology to manufacture cheaper, quicker and pollution-free bio fuel  ?
A) IIT, Delhi
B) IIT, Bombay
C) IIT, Kolkata
D) IIT, Kharagpur
Answer:D) IIT, Kharagpur

69) The element common to all Acids is
A) Nitrogen
B) Hydrogen
C) Oxygen
D) Carbon
Answer:B) Hydrogen

70) Which statement about PFD's is true?
A) PFDs are difficult to put on in the water
B) Use gasoline to clean a PFD coated with oil or grease
C) Children's PFDs should fit loosely
D) PFDs do not float well in shallow water
Answer:A) PFDs are difficult to put on in the water

71) Which of the following was previously known as 'the Lady Willingdon Park'?
A) Mughal Gardens
B) Deer Park
C) Lodhi Gardens
D) Buddha Jayanti Park
Answer:C) Lodhi Gardens

72) Government launches NEW INDIA initiative with which company ?
D) Microsoft
Answer:A) GOOGLE

73) The Hardest substance available on Earth is
A) Platinum
B) Gold
C) Wurtzite
D) Diamond
Answer:D) Diamond

74) The AIADMK IT Wing has launched the first-of-its-kind women safety application in Tamil Nadu. The app is called ___________.
A) Jayanit Rama
B) Lalitan Linga
C) Ammanita Vihu
D) Ammavin Aran
Answer:D) Ammavin Aran

75) Which among the following is not correctly matched pair?
A) Pakistan- Field Hockey
B) None of the above
C) China- Table Tennis
D) USA- Baseball
Answer:B) None of the above

76) Which Bank has launched a Unified Integrated Application "YONO" (You Need Only One) that would offer all kinds of financial and lifestyle products?
B) HDFC Bank
C) IDBI Bank
D) SBI Bank
Answer:D) SBI Bank

77) Who is known as 'the father of Indian missile technology'?
A) Dr. U.R. Rao
B) Dr. Chidambaram
C) Dr. Homi Bhabha
D) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Answer:D) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

78) Which is the highest river dam in India?
A) Tehri Dam
B) Bhakra dam
C) Hirakud Dam
D) Sardar Sarovar Dam
Answer:A) Tehri Dam

79) Which position is always staffed in ICS applications?
A) Commander in Chief
B) Operations Section Chief
C) Incident Commander
D) None of the above
Answer:C) Incident Commander

80) When was WhatsApp incorporated?
A) 2007
B) 2008
C) 2010
D) 2009
Answer:D) 2009

81) The Home Rule Movement in India was started by 
A) Annie Besant and Tilak
B) S.N. Banerjee and W.C Banerjee
C) Mahatma Gandhi and Motilal Nehru
D) Annie Besant and Gokhale
Answer:A) Annie Besant and Tilak

82) As per a UNESCO report released in october 2013, how many internal migrants  are there in India?
A) 600 million
B) 400 million
C) 750 million
D) 200 million
Answer:C) 750 million

83) Of the following who was the first - ever industrialist to get the Bharat Ratna?
A) JRD Tata
B) RK Dalmia
C) RK Birla
D) SP Godrej
Answer:A) JRD Tata

86) Which of the following crops is an example of Kharif Crops?
A) Gram
B) Wheat
C) Pea
D) Cotton
Answer:D) Cotton

87) The Nobel Peace is awarded in which city? 
A) Brussels
B) Stockholm
C) Oslo
D) Geneva
Answer:C) Oslo

88) Telecom company Nokia belongs to which country?
B) Denmark
C) Sweden
D) Finland
Answer:D) Finland

89) N.R. Narayana Murthy was recently presented with the 2014  'Global India Award' in Canada. He is the executive chairman of which of the following companies?
C) Wipro
D) Infosys
Answer:D) Infosys

91) India became the first country to partner with which global company on
A) Microsoft
B) Twitter
C) Facebook
D) Google
Answer:C) Facebook

92) Which company has been named as the most innovative company of 2016, as per Boston Consulting Group (BCG) analysis?
A) Google
B) Tesla
C) Apple
D) Amazon
Answer:C) Apple

93) Which of the following countries is a permanent member of the UN Security Council?
A) Japan
B) Switzerland
C) People's Republic of china
D) Ukraine
Answer:C) People's Republic of china

94) Which award the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN) app won in 2017 ?
A) Padma Award
B) Best app of the year
C) National Award
D) GSMA Asia Mobile Award
Answer:D) GSMA Asia Mobile Award

95) Which IIT institute has collaborated with the British Geological Survey (BGS) to turn Varanasi into a smart city  ?
A) IIT Pune
B) IIT Indore
C) IIT New Delhi
D) IIT Kharagpur
Answer:D) IIT Kharagpur

96) The Deccan Agriculturalists 'Relief Act of 1879 was enacted with which one of the following objectives?
A) Restore lands to the dispossessed peasants
B) Restrict the sale of land for indebtedness to outsiders
C) Ensure financial assistance to peasants during social and religious occasions
D) Give legal aid to insolvent peasants
Answer:D) Give legal aid to insolvent peasants

97) India’s first smartcard-based Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) initiative “Trin Trin” has launched in which city  ?
A) Mysuru
B) Bangalore
C) Chennai
D) Goa
Answer:A) Mysuru

98) India has successfully test-fired the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from Indian Air Force ___________ fighter aircraft for the first time.
A) Sukhoi-30 MKI
B) Sukhoi-29 MKI
C) Sukhoi-32 MKI
D) Sukhoi-31 MKI
Answer:A) Sukhoi-30 MKI

100) While driving resist distractions such as
A) All of the above
B) smoking cigarette
C) using cell phone
D) talking with co-passengers
Answer:A) All of the above

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