Basic General Knowledge Question and Answers - Set 5

 Basic General Knowledge Question and Answers - Set 5

Dear Aspirants , Here we are sharing Basic General Knowledge Question and Answers mcq to you all which will be helpful for various competitive Exams i.e. SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Bank Exam, Railway Exam, RRB, Insurance exams, SBI PO, Clerks and IBPS CWE, UPSC, IAS Civils, Mains, etc. For your prepartion or enhance your skills in subject of this particular category very helpful to you. All the Best. 

1) What is the rank of India in the Human Development Index 2019?
A) 130th
B) 128th
C) 129th
D) 89th
Answer:C) 129th

2) Name the first state Police Officer of Nagaland who has been awarded one of the nations' military honour, ‘Shaurya Chakra’, in 2017 by the Government of India.
A) Nara Karom
B) Jong Kayi
C) SomviBihu
D) AtuZumvu
Answer:D) AtuZumvu

3) Fedaration cup,World cup, Allwyn international trophy and challenge cup are awarded to winners of
A) Basketball
B) Cricket
C) Volleyball
D) Tennis
Answer:C) Volleyball

4) Name the malicious software that affected various computers recently in may 2017, and restricted users to access it until a ransom is paid to unlock it  ?
A) Ransomware
B) Bitcoinware
C) Captiveware
D) Pay-offware
Answer:A) Ransomware

5) Translated into English, the motto of the Indian National Army (INA) was ______.
A) Unity and Discipline
B) Do or Die
C) Unity, Faith, Sacrifice
D) Service before self
Answer:C) Unity, Faith, Sacrifice

6) India has a regional trade pact SAFTA. This pact is with members of which of the following group of countries?
Answer:C) SAARC

7) Name of the First fully India-made sub-urban train ?
A) Sudha
B) Vedha
C) Medha
D) Trivedha
Answer:C) Medha

8) Buying and selling goods over the internet is called
A) Onine Shopping
B) Net Banking
C) E - Commerce
D) Digital Marketing
Answer:C) E - Commerce

9) Which bank has the tagline - Your Trusted Family Bank?
A) Dena Bank
B) Yes Bank
C) Indian Bank
D) Indian Overseas Bank
Answer:A) Dena Bank

10) In 1926, Which of the following universties was founded by Madan Mohan Malaviya alond with Anne Besant ?
A) University of Madras
B) Delhi University
C) Punjab university
D) Benaras Hindu University
Answer:D) Benaras Hindu University

11) Who has become the first woman Chief Justice of Delhi High Court?
A) Justice K.K.Usha
B) Justice T. Meena Kumari
C) Justice G.Rohini
D) Justice R. Banumathi
Answer:C) Justice G.Rohini

12) The civilian award  bestowed  by the president of India to persons for rendering exceptional and  distinguished service in any field is 
A) Bharat Ratna
B) Padma Vibhushan
C) Padma Bhushan
D) Padma Shri
Answer:A) Bharat Ratna

13) Uncontrolled railroad crossing warning signs include
A) None of the above
B) gates
C) red lights
D) warning signs
Answer:A) None of the above

14) What is another name for the governor of a state?
A) Vice Pesident
B) Chief Executive
C) Secretary of the State
D) Attorney General
Answer:B) Chief Executive

15) Which European traveller had observed,"A Hindu woman can go anywhere alone, even in the most crowded places, and she need never fear the impertinent looks and jokes of idle loungers"?
A) Thomas Roe
B) Abbe J.A. Dubois
C) Francois Bernier
D) Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
Answer:B) Abbe J.A. Dubois

16) Which country hosted the CoWIN Global Conclave?
B) India
C) Australia
D) Canada
Answer:B) India

17) Govt of India recently decided to import wheat at a lower rate of Custom duty. The effective rate of the duty would be
A) 15%
B) 5%
C) 12%
D) 10%
Answer:B) 5%

18) Whose signature on Indian currency notes?
A) Prime minister
B) President
C) RBI Governor
D) Finance minister
Answer:C) RBI Governor

19) The boundary of which country does not seem to touch the Caspian sea?
A) Azerbaijan
B) Ukraine
C) Russia
D) Turkmenistan
Answer:B) Ukraine

20) As per Census 2011, which of the following is the most thickly populated state in India?
A) Bihar
B) Maharashtra
C) West Bengal
D) Goa
Answer:A) Bihar

21) In which atmospheric layer are the communication satellites located?
A) Thermosphere
B) Troposphere
C) Mesosphere
D) Stratosphere
Answer:A) Thermosphere

22) Which is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and also prestigious?
A) Australian Open
B) French Open
C) US Open
D) Wimbledon
Answer:D) Wimbledon

23) ICRA Refers to 
A) Investment Credit Rating Agency
B) Indian Cricket Renaissance Association
C) Indian Credit Rating Agency
D) Investment Creation Rationing Authority
Answer:A) Investment Credit Rating Agency

24) The number of pincode postal regions in india is 
A) 7
B) 5
C) 8
D) 6
Answer:C) 8

25) Which of the following is the longest river in Pakistan that originates from Lake Manasarovar?
A) Kabul
B) Sutlej
C) Chenab
D) Indus
Answer:D) Indus

26) Who has been named as president for its India and SAARC operations by Tech giant Cisco ?
A) Ravi Mittal
B) Sameer Garde
C) Ravi Prakash
D) Vyas Garg
Answer:B) Sameer Garde

27) Which among the following has ranked top Brand among Global 500 Brands in 2017 ?
A) Apple
B) Google
C) Amazon
D) Facebook
Answer:B) Google

28) Which is true of loyalty boards?
A) They were careful to pertect the civil rights of government workers
B) They carefully reveiwed all evidence in open court
C) They asked for voluntary statements
D) They did not care about individual civil rights
Answer:A) They were careful to pertect the civil rights of government workers

29) As per the recommendations of the 12th Finance Commissions what should be the share of states in net proceeds of Shareable Central Taxes?
A) 30.5%
B) 33%
C) 20%
D) 25.5%
Answer:A) 30.5%

30) Greek Roman art has found a place in
A) Ellora
B) Buddhist Art
C) Kalinga
D) Gandhara
Answer:B) Buddhist Art

31) RBI has extended the timeline for full implementation of the Basel III capital regulations to which of the following date instead of 31 March, 2018?
A) 31 Jan, 2019
B) 31 Dec, 2018
C) 31 Mar, 2019
D) 1 Oct, 2018
Answer:C) 31 Mar, 2019

32) Which Bollywood Superstar has been honored with the Global Diversity Award 2017 in the British Parliament House  ?
A) Shah Rukh Khan
B) Akshay Kumar
C) Salman Khan
D) Amir Khan
Answer:C) Salman Khan

33) Which Indian pharma company is set to produce the Russian Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V in India?
A) Serum Institute of India
B) Biocon
C) Bharat Biotech
D) Dr Reddys Labs
Answer:A) Serum Institute of India

34) How many International airports are there in India?
A) 16
B) 15
C) 34
D) 30
Answer:C) 34

35) Which naxal affected district police has been selected for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) award this year for its community policing initiative focusing on the rehabilitation of Naxals  ?
A) Jaipur Police, Rajasthan
B) Lucknow Police, UP
C) Bastar Police, Chhattisgarh
D) Patna Police , Bihar
Answer:C) Bastar Police, Chhattisgarh

36) Port city of Qingdao, which was in the news for a massive algae bloom, is located in which city?
A) Malaysia
B) China
C) South Korea
D) Japan
Answer:B) China

37) Which one of the following does not contain Silver ?
A) Ruby Silver
B) Horn Silver
C) Lunar Caustic
D) German Silver
Answer:D) German Silver

38) Which of the following is called the 'Grand Canyon of India'?
A) Laitlum Canyon
B) Gangani Grand Canyon
C) Chambal River Canyon
D) Great Canyon of Gandikota
Answer:D) Great Canyon of Gandikota

39) Indian Naval Ship _________is on an overseas deployment to the South East Asia and Southern Indian Ocean.
A) INS Talwar
B) INS Shivalik
C) INS Sahyadri
D) INS Kamotra
Answer:C) INS Sahyadri

41) The slogan 'Garibi Hatao' or 'Garibi Unmulan' was given in which five year plan?
A) Second plan
B) Fourth plan
C) Fifth plan
D) Sixth plan
Answer:C) Fifth plan

42) A compass always points to
A) Magnetic north
B) South
C) North
D) Magnetic South
Answer:A) Magnetic north

43) Name the military exercise that is going on between Japanese and US military in northern Japan ?
A) Rimpac
B) Valiant Shield
C) Indra
D) Northern Viper
Answer:D) Northern Viper

44) The vitamin that helps in blod clotting is 
A) Vitamin K
B) Vitamin E
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D
Answer:A) Vitamin K

45) Who was appointed as Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation in the year 2017 ?
A) None
B) Rakesh Asthana
C) Alok Kumar Verma
D) Anil Sinha
Answer:C) Alok Kumar Verma

47) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has handed over a Dornier 228 light-weight aircraft to DRDO. What is the name of this aircraft?
A) Nabhrathna
B) Maharathna
C) Vayurathna
D) Aakashrathna
Answer:A) Nabhrathna

48) Rangaswamy Cup is associated with
A) Cricket
B) Football
C) Hockey
D) Badminton
Answer:C) Hockey

49) What does the acronym CTBT stand for?
A) Continue Test Based Treatment
B) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
C) Continued Test Ban Treaty
D) Commercial Test Based Traiff
Answer:B) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

50) Which of the following organisations has taken the responsibility to raise about US $ 2 billion to build a rail link from china to Singapore connecting eight nations?
Answer:A) ASEAN

51) Which children's movie features the famous song, "The Bare Necessities"?
A) Rockford
B) The BFG
C) The Jungle Book
D) Stanley's Tiffin Box
Answer:C) The Jungle Book

52) Pinaka is a
A) a missile developed by DRDO
B) a missile imported from Russia
C) a multi barrel rocket launcher developed by DRDO
D) a rocket launcher developed by France
Answer:C) a multi barrel rocket launcher developed by DRDO

53) _____ ties-up with Airtel to roll out integrated digital offerings to customers in 2017 ?
A) Cabs 24
B) Dot cabs
C) Uber cabs
D) Ola cabs
Answer:D) Ola cabs

54) Which country has become the first country to open honorary consulate office in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) ? 
A) Portugal
B) Spain
C) Belgium
D) France
Answer:C) Belgium

55) Which city in the country has created a new Guinness world record with maximum number of people sweeping the ‘floor’ (single venue)  ?
A) Surat
B) Vadodara
C) Hyderabad
D) Pune
Answer:B) Vadodara

56) Which one of the following is not correct about Sargasso Sea?
A) It records the highest salinity in Atlantic Ocean
B) It is located west ofGulf Stream and east of Canary Current
C) It confined in gyre of calm and motionless water
D) It is characterized with anticyclonic circulation of ocean currents
Answer:D) It is characterized with anticyclonic circulation of ocean currents

57) The two forms of democracy are
A) Monarchical and Republican
B) Parliamentary and Presidential
C) Parliamentary and King
D) Direct and Indirect
Answer:B) Parliamentary and Presidential

58) As per the recommendations of the 12th Finance Commission, what will be the Share of the State Govts in total shareable proceeds of Central taxes?
A) 20.5%
B) 30.5%
C) 22%
D) 15%
Answer:B) 30.5%

61) Which country has "This is the root of all evil" written on its coins?
A) Vatican City
B) Italy
C) Cuba
D) Russia
Answer:A) Vatican City

62) Who of the following has won the Femina Miss India 2014 crown?
A) Megan Young
B) Koyal Rana
C) Vanya Mishra
D) Navneet Kaur
Answer:B) Koyal Rana

63) Which state Chief minister launches ridesharing app for techies G-Ride ?
A) Goa
B) Kerala
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Karnataka
Answer:B) Kerala

64) Which company received top honors at the 2017 Frost & Sullivan India Digital Transformation Awards  ?
A) Reliance Communications
B) Tata Communications
C) Spice Communications
D) Brocade Communications
Answer:B) Tata Communications

65) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the most followed world leader on photo-sharing app Instagram with a whopping 6.9 million followers. Who was on second position in the list ?
A) Xi Jinping
B) Donald Trump
C) Vladimir Putin
D) Kim Jong-un
Answer:B) Donald Trump

66) The 'Pattachitra' style of painting is one of the oldest and most popular art forms of _______.
A) West Bengal
B) Assam
C) Rajasthan
D) Odisha
Answer:D) Odisha

67) First Bank to introduce Credit Card in India
A) HSBC Bank
B) State Bank of India
C) Central Bank of India
Answer:C) Central Bank of India

68) Frederick Sanger is a twice recipient of the Nobel Prize for
A) Physics in 1956 and 1972
B) Chemistry in 1958 and 1980
C) Chemistry in 1954 and Peace in 1962
D) Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911
Answer:B) Chemistry in 1958 and 1980

69) In December 2017, which Ministry launched a pilot project ‘Blue Flag’?
A) Ministry of Tourism
B) Ministry of Home Affairs
C) Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
D) Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change
Answer:D) Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change

70) India's first-ever test flight powered by biojet fuel was successfully conducted by which airline?
A) None of the above
B) Kingfishers
C) Air India
D) Spice Jet
Answer:D) Spice Jet

71) Which of the following names is NOT associated with the insurance business in India?
A) Bajaj Allianz
B) GE Money
Answer:B) GE Money

72) Who is the new Chairman of ISRO in 2018?
A) K. Sivan
B) Bibeth Roy
C) S. Manish Arya
D) A.S. Kiran Kumar
Answer:A) K. Sivan

73) As per new revised rules now Foreign Direct Investment in insurance sector is possible upto the limit of ______
A) 70%
B) 49%
C) 26%
D) 40%
Answer:B) 49%

74) DTS supports which of the following choices?
A) Route travel requests for approval
B) Generation of Travel authorizations
C) Trip reservations
D) All of the above
Answer:D) All of the above

75) The Reserve Bank of India has taken some initiatives to prevent a US type sub-prime Crisis in India. Which of the following is/ are such initiatives?
A) Only (C)
B) Only (A)
C) Only (B)
D) All (A), (B), (C)
Answer:B) Only (A)

76) As per "Swachh Survekshan 2017" records India's cleanest city is  ?
A) Tirupathi
B) Hyderabd
C) Bangalore
D) Indore
Answer:D) Indore

77) The country's first 'brain bank' that can store up to 300 human brains has been opened at
A) Bangalore
B) Alleppey
C) Bhubaneswar
D) Bombay
Answer:A) Bangalore

78) Which state government has launched e-health program “Jeevan Rekha” to provide a centralised database of healthcare information? 
A) Kerala
B) Chhattisgarh
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Assam
Answer:A) Kerala

79) Which company developed New Shepard launch system, which got flying approval recently?
A) SpaceX
B) Virgin Galactic
C) Boeing
D) Blue Origin
Answer:D) Blue Origin

80) Which Metro becomes world's first 100 per cent 'green' metro ?
A) Hyderabad
B) Delhi
C) Kolkata
D) Mumbai
Answer:B) Delhi

81) Who amongst the following is the author of the book " Development as Freedom" ?
A) Amartya Sen
B) M.S. Swaminathan
C) C. Rangarajan
D) Y.V. Reddy
Answer:A) Amartya Sen

82) As per the policies of the Government of India any proposal for FDI in single brand retail should not be above line of ___
A) 51%
B) 33%
C) 48%
D) 43%
Answer:A) 51%

83) India was ranked at which of the following position out of 132 countries on the social progress index (SPI) 2014?
A) 102
B) 92
C) 98
D) 104
Answer:A) 102

84) Govt launched 'PowerTex India' in April 2017 - a scheme for _____?
A) Powerloom sector
B) Electricity Consumption
C) Income Tax sector
D) Water Grid sector
85) Which of the following is the third highest waterfall in India?
A) Agaya Gangai
B) Nohkalikai falls
C) Suruli Falls
D) Courtallam Falls
Answer:B) Nohkalikai falls

86) The most important small scale industry in india is the 
A) Handloom Industry
B) Paper Industry
C) Textile Industry
D) Jute industry
Answer:A) Handloom Industry

88) Which American artist's most famous portrait is that of his mother?
A) Whistler
B) Salava dor Dali
C) Rembrant
D) Vincent Van Gough
Answer:A) Whistler

89) Which one of the following statements about the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) is not correct?
A) It is a placement-linked skill training programme exclusively for rural girls.
B) It aims to convert India’s demographic surplus into a demographic dividend.
C) The scheme aims to benefit more thain 55 million poor rural folk.
D) It is a generational poverty alleviation programme.
Answer:A) It is a placement-linked skill training programme exclusively for rural girls.

90) The parliament of Great Britain is housed in which of these buildings?
A) Old Bailey
B) Palace of Westminster
C) The town of London
D) Buckingham palace
Answer:B) Palace of Westminster

91) Which of the following is known as the Electronic City of India?
A) Gurgaon
B) Mumbai
C) Hyderabad
D) Bengaluru
Answer:D) Bengaluru

92) Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in Maharashtra?
A) Kalsubai Shikhar
B) Salher
C) Taramati
D) Anjaneri
Answer:A) Kalsubai Shikhar

93) According to RBI instructions in 2014 January, The currency notes made before this year of the following  are called back.
A) 2010
B) 2008
C) 2005
D) 2007
Answer:C) 2005

94) How many provinces is the country of Nepal divided into?
A) 5
B) 7
C) 6
D) 4
Answer:B) 7

95) The Indian Space Research Organisation is planning its maiden mission to explore which planet ?
A) Venus
B) Jupiter
C) Saturn
D) Mars
Answer:A) Venus

96) Which company was ranked as the largest profit-making PSU in India for the fiscal year 2018-2019?
A) Power Finance Corporation
B) Indian Oil
C) Power Grid Corporation
D) Oil & Natural Gas Corporation
Answer:D) Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

97) Relationships among people are
A) something that must be maintained to stay healthy and strong.
B) not influenced by people's ideas and attitudes.
C) usually simple and easy to understand.
D) one of two types—social or working.
Answer:A) something that must be maintained to stay healthy and strong.

98) ‘Child Tax Credit programme’ is a flagship programme being implemented in which country?
A) Russia
B) Japan
D) China
Answer:C) USA

99) Which Country has opened its fifth Nuclear Power Plant to meet its growing energy demands  ?
A) India
B) Russia
C) Pakistan
D) China
Answer:C) Pakistan

100) Which one of following developments took place because of the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854?
A) The Act did not permit the territories the right to voter over the question of slavery
B) The voice of the majority in regard to the issue of slavery was muzzled.
C) The Federal Government had the sole authority to decide on slavery.
D) The Missouri Compromise was repealed and people of Kansas and determine whether they should own slaves or not.
Answer:D) The Missouri Compromise was repealed and people of Kansas and determine whether they should own slaves or not.

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