50 Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 11

50 Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 11

Dear Readers, Here we are providing Very Useful Computer Awarness Multiple Choice Question and Answers - MCQ that frequently used in our day life. This is very helpful for various competitive exams across the world example; IETL, GRE, ICET, UPSC, UPPSC, IFS, SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO, Clerks, IBPS, RRB, Insurance exams ... etc. This is very helpful Interviews if your attending, different entrance examination etc.  

1) You cannot link excel worksheet data to a word document
A) With a hyperlink
B) With the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar
C) With the right drag method
D) With the copy and paste special commands
Answer: B) With the copy and paste buttons on the standard toolbar

2) Esc key
A) Close a dialog-box
B) Run a selected command
C) Cancel a command
D) Close a selected drop down list
Answer: B) Run a selected command

3) The first completely 64-bit compatible version of Android -
A) Android 5.0 Lollipop
B) Android 2.3 Gingerbread
C) Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
D) Android 3.0 Honeycomb
Answer: A) Android 5.0 Lollipop

4) Which programming language is developed by James A Gosling?
A) ASP.Net
B) Java
D) C#
Answer: B) Java

5) The internet was created to provide
A) a secure form of communication
B) a common communication means for all computers
C) neither 1 nor 2
D) both 1 & 2
Answer: D) both 1 & 2

6) Which key is used to move to next line in a Ms-Word document?
A) Enter key
B) Escape key
C) Shift key
D) Return key
Answer: A) Enter key

7) Where does a computer add and compare data?
A) CPU chip
B) Hard disk drive
C) Memeory chip
D) Disc drive
Answer: A) CPU chip

8) Computer networks constituting the internet are connected by telephones, underwater cables and _____________
A) e-mail
B) e-books
C) Public telephone booths
D) Satellites
Answer: D) Satellites

9) Which among the following is not an Object Oriented Programming Language?
A) Python
C) Java
D) C++
Answer: B) PASCAL

10) Find the "odd one out".
A) Linux
B) Windows 98
C) C++
D) Windows 7
Answer: C) C++

11) Which is NOT a good Web security strategy ?
A) Remove unnecessary compilers and interpreters
B) Add demo programs, so users can test system without accessing production data
C) Limit the users who can load software, edit or add files
D) Restrict access to the Web server keep a minimum number of ports open
Answer: A) Remove unnecessary compilers and interpreters

12) In which year did the JavaScript Programming language come into existence?
A) 1995
B) 1999
C) 1990
D) 2000
Answer: A) 1995

13) In the context of digital computer, which of the following pairs of digits is referred to as binary code?
A) 3 and 4
B) 0 and 1
C) 2 and 3
D) 1 and 2
Answer: B) 0 and 1

14) The __________ uses an addressing scheme known as URL to indicate the location of files on the web.
A) JavaScript
B) World Wide Web
D) String
Answer: B) World Wide Web

15) Any online 'demo' is
A) An interactive presentation
B) A non-interactive presentation
C) Not a sequential presentation
D) An active user interface
Answer: B) A non-interactive presentation

16) An image created to accompany words is called
A) A Heirogylph
B) An Illustration
C) A Logo
D) An Icon
Answer: B) An Illustration

17) A DVD is an example of
A) Optical Disc
B) Hard Disc
C) Output Device
D) Solid state storage device
Answer: A) Optical Disc

18) Which of the given below is not a hardware?
A) Assembler
B) Monitor
C) Printer
D) All of the above
Answer: A) Assembler

19) A removable magnetic disc that holds information ______
A) Floppy disk
B) Hard drive
C) Monitor
D) Portable
Answer: A) Floppy disk

20) UDP is a
A) connection ­ oriented protocol
B) connectionless protocol
C) user-­defined protocol
D) security protocol
Answer: B) connectionless protocol

21) In the context of memory size in computer data storage, one gigabyte is equal to how many megabytes?
A) 1012 MB
B) 32 MB
C) 64 MB
D) 1024 MB
Answer: D) 1024 MB  

22) '.bak' extension refers to what kind of file?
A) Document
B) Movie/Video file
C) Backup file
D) Audio file
Answer: C) Backup file

23) Mac OS
B) Microsoft
C) Apple
D) Micromax
Answer: C) Apple

24) ALU is a part of a computer is ___________.
A) Application
D) Processor
Answer: D) Processor

25) In Microsoft Excel, the _________() function is used to count the number of cells that contain numbers within the list of arguments.
Answer: B) COUNT

26) A set of instructions executed directly by a computer's central processing unit is _____.
A) Command Language
B) Machine Language
C) Markup Language
D) Style Sheet Language
Answer: B) Machine Language

27) Match the correct Memory units.
A) a-r, b-p, c-s, d-q
B) a-p,b-s, c-q, d-r
C) a-r, b-s, c-q, d-p
D) a-r, b-q, c-s, d-p
Answer: A) a-r, b-p, c-s, d-q

28) Using _________ one can resize, tag digital images, organise pictures into albums by drag and drop, can export the pictures for external use (by e-mail or print).
A) Data Organiser
B) Facebook Organiser
C) Image Organiser
D) Media Organiser
Answer: C) Image Organiser

29) Most websites have a main page , the ______ which acts as a doorway to the rest of the website pages.
A) Search engine
B) Home page
C) Browser
Answer: B) Home page

30) In Microsoft Word, ____________ view enables us to view our document as it would appear in a web browser such as the Internet Explorer.
A) Web Layout
B) Normal Layout
C) Reading Layout
D) Print Layout
Answer: A) Web Layout

31) In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed
A) Sequentially only
B) Parallelly only
C) Both sequentially and parallelly
D) None of the above
Answer: C) Both sequentially and parallelly

32) A program which helps create written documents and lets you go back and make corrections as necesary ______
A) Spreadsheet
B) Personal writer
C) Word printer
D) Word processor
Answer: D) Word processor

33) Which among the given options is IBMs Supercomputer?
A) Tihane-2
B) SunwayTaihu Light
C) Watson
D) Shasra-T
Answer: C) Watson

34) Which type of memory holds only the program and data that the CPU is presently processing?
Answer: C) RAM

35) Which technology is used in compact disc or disks?
A) Laser
B) Mechanical
C) Electrical
D) Electro magnetic
Answer: A) Laser

36) To make the number pad act as a directional arrow, we press
A) Num lock
B) Caps lock
C) Arrow lock
D) Shift
Answer: D) Shift

37) The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all except
A) Modem
B) Serial interface
C) Microprocessor
D) Disk controller
Answer: A) Modem

38) Who created the first mechanical computer, which proved to be the prototype for future computers?
A) Archimedes
B) John Harrison
C) Cai Lun
D) Charles Babbage
Answer: D) Charles Babbage

39) In Microsoft Word, _______ allows us to move selected paragraphs to the left.
A) Decrease Indent
B) Increase Indent
C) Double Indent
D) Single Indent
Answer: A) Decrease Indent

40) The instructions for starting the computer are housed in _____
C) ROM Chip
D) None of these
Answer: C) ROM Chip

41) IP address
A) A numerical network label
B) A dynamic link between two computers
C) A group of networks
D) Digital 'know your client'
Answer: A) A numerical network label

42) The word length of a computer is measured in
A) centimeters
B) millimeters
C) bytes
D) bits
Answer: D) bits

43) Which of the following is a storage device?
A) Floppy discs
B) hard disk drive
C) Optical disc
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

44) Vendor-created program modifications are called ________
A) patches
B) antiviruses
C) holes
D) fixes
Answer: A) patches

45) A compiler is a 
A) Hardware
B) Software
C) Neither Hardware nor software
D) Card
Answer: B) Software

46) In a spreadsheet program, how is data organized?
A) Only rows
B) Only columns
C) Both rows and columns
D) None of the above
Answer: C) Both rows and columns

47) In HTML, _______________ attribute is used for merging of two or more adjacent columns.
Answer: D) COLSPAN

48) Which among the following is a term representing unit ofdata storage in computer memory?
A) Pixel
B) Decimal
C) Octet
D) Point
Answer: C) Octet

49) The command used to remove text or graphics from a document. The information is then stored on a clipboard so you can paste it.
A) cut
B) Chop
C) Cart away
D) Clip
Answer: A) cut

50) ______________ is a series of supercomputers designed and assembled by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Pune, India.
Answer: A) PARAM

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