50 Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 10

 Computer Awareness MCQs - Quiz 10

Dear Readers, Here we are providing Very Useful Computer Awarness Multiple Choice Question and Answers - MCQ that frequently used in our day life. This is very helpful for various competitive exams across the world example; IETL, GRE, ICET, UPSC, UPPSC, IFS, SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO, Clerks, IBPS, RRB, Insurance exams ... etc. This is very helpful Interviews if your attending, different entrance examination etc. 

1) FORTRAN is not used for _____.
A) Only (I)
B) Only (II)
C) Both (I) and (II)
D) Neither (I) nor (II)
Answer: C) Both (I) and (II)

2) Verification of a login name and password is known as
A) Trouble shooting
B) Logging in
C) Configuration
D) Authentication
Answer: D) Authentication

3) _______ converts and executes one statement at a time
A) compiler
B) interpreter
C) converter
D) instructions
Answer: B) interpreter

4) Who is the inventor of WWW?
A) Ray Tomlinson
B) Bill Gates
C) Charles Babbage
D) Tim Berners-Lee
Answer: D) Tim Berners-Lee

5) Bootstrapping is also known as
A) hot boot
B) cold-hot boot
C) cold boot
D) quick boot
Answer: C) cold boot

6) Which type of memory is not directly addressable by the CPU and requires special software called EMS ?
A) Expanded
B) Base
C) Conventional
D) None
Answer: A) Expanded

7) In Microsoft Word, under character formatting ___________ is used to apply colors to the characters.
A) Font style
B) Font color
C) Effects
D) Size
Answer: B) Font color

8) If a new device is attached to a computer, such as printer or scanner, its ______ must be installed before the device can be used 
A) buffer
B) driver
C) pager
D) server
Answer: B) driver

9) SSD's are classified as what type of storage?
A) Non volatile
B) Volatile
C) Cache
D) None of the above
Answer: A) Non volatile

10) Formatting a cell in currency you can specify
A) Percentage symbol
B) Currency symbol
C) Decimal places
D) Both B & C
Answer: B) Currency symbol

11) Assembly is a _______ based low-level language replacing binary machine-code instructions, which are very hard toremember, it is the classic and uncontroversial example of alow level language.
A) Memory
B) High Level
C) Key
D) Mnemonic
Answer: D) Mnemonic

12) Full form of BIOS is
A) Binary Interchange Operation System
B) Basic Input Output System
C) Beginner's Input Operation Symbol
D) Basic Interface Oriented Service
Answer: B) Basic Input Output System

13) PARAM was developed by 
B) IIT Kanpur
D) IIT Delhi
Answer: A) C-DAC

14) Ethernet system uses which of the following technology?
A) Ring
B) Bus
C) Star
D) Tree
Answer: B) Bus

15) Website address is a unique name that identifies a specific ___ on the web.
A) Link
B) Web browser
D) Web site
Answer: D) Web site

16) In networks, a small message used to pass between one station to another is known as ____________
A) Token
B) Byte
C) Word
D) Ring
Answer: A) Token

17) Properly arranged data is called
A) Information
B) File
C) Field
D) Words
Answer: A) Information

18) What are two example of freeware?
A) WinZip and Linux
B) Shareware and file sharing
C) Microsoft word and the Google toolbar
D) Instant messaging and the Google toolbar
Answer: D) Instant messaging and the Google toolbar

19) Codes consisting of bars or lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer readable are known as ____
A) An AsCII code
B) A magnetic tape
C) AN OCR scanner
D) A Bar code
Answer: D) A Bar code

20) Which one of the following does not belong to the group?
A) Android
D) Symbian
Answer: C) DOS

21) The resolution of a printer is measured in
B) Megabits
C) Hertz
D) Inches
Answer: A) DPI

22) The
A) Super Computer
B) Abacus
C) Calculator
D) Analytical Engine
Answer: D) Analytical Engine

23) Which of the following is not a function of the Control Unit?
A) Interpret instructions
B) Read instructions
C) Execute instructions
D) Direct operations
Answer: B) Read instructions

24) What does GUI stand for with respect to a computer?
A) Group User Interface
B) Graphic Utility Interaction
C) Graphical User Interface
D) Graphical Utility Interface
Answer: C) Graphical User Interface

25) Any letter, number, or symbol found on the keyboard that you can type into the computer...........
A) Output
B) Type
C) Character
D) Print
Answer: C) Character

26) TCP in computer science stands for?
A) Transmission Control Protocol
B) Total Control Protocol
C) Technology Control Protocol
D) Transfer Control Protocol
Answer: A) Transmission Control Protocol

27) The unit of measurement of a word length is
A) Meter
B) Byte
C) Bit
D) Millimetre
Answer: B) Byte

28) Constantly running system - program processes are known as
A) Daemons
B) Processes
C) Process Block
D) Process Control Block
Answer: A) Daemons

29) Commonly used abbreviation ISP in computer science stands for?
A) Internet Service Provider
B) Intranet Service Provider
C) Internet Systems Provider
D) Intranet Systems Provider
Answer: A) Internet Service Provider

30) The operating system called UNIX is typically used for_______
A) Desktop computers
B) Laptop computers
C) Super computers
D) All of these
Answer: D) All of these

31) On the PC side the printer port is a
A) 25 pin female parallel connector
B) 25 pin female serial connector
C) 15 pin female parallel connector
D) 25 pin male serial connector
Answer: A) 25 pin female parallel connector

32) In Microsoft Word, under character formatting ___________ is used to superscript and subscript.
A) Font style
B) Underline
C) Effects
D) Size
Answer: C) Effects

33) The operating system manages
B) provide services for applications software
C) establish a user interface
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above

34) Which among the following is a recently debated principlethat Internet service providers and governments regulatingthe Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same,not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content,website, platform, application, type of attached equipment,or mode of communication?
A) Comcast
B) Net Neutrality
C) Oblique-net
D) Net Fraternity
Answer: B) Net Neutrality

35) Which standard govern parallel communications?
A) CAT 5
B) IEEE 1284
C) RS-232
D) None of the above
Answer: B) IEEE 1284

36) A floppy disk contains
A) Sectors only
B) Circular tracks only
C) Both A & B
D) None of the above
Answer: C) Both A & B

37) V-RAM is used for access of the following ?
A) Programs
B) Video & Graphics
C) Text & Images
D) All
Answer: B) Video & Graphics

38) Backing storage is so named because it
A) is always kept at the back of the CPU
B) backs up the computer
C) lags behind the main memory
D) is slow and backward
Answer: B) backs up the computer

39) Web pages are created by using which of the following?
Answer: C) HTML

40) Which of the following is system software?
A) MS Paint
B) MS Excel
C) MS Word
D) MS Windows
Answer: D) MS Windows

41) A method of providing virtual memory is called _____.
A) Fragmentation
B) Segmentation
C) De-fragmentation
D) Paging
Answer: B) Segmentation

42) Which of these is the extension of MS Access 2007 database file?
A) .accde
B) .accdb
C) Both A and B
D) None of the above
Answer: B) .accdb

43) The _____ controls communications for the entire computer system
A) arithmetic-logic unit
B) semiconductor
C) motherboard
D) coprocessor
Answer: C) motherboard

44) Software that helps run the computer hardware
A) proprietary software
B) beta software
C) system software
D) none of the above
Answer: C) system software

45) ALU stands for in computer?
A) Automatic Logic Unit
B) Android Logic Unit
C) Arithmetic Logic Unit
D) None of the above
Answer: C) Arithmetic Logic Unit

46) Backup means
A) Protecting data by copying it from the original source to a different destination
B) Accessing data on tape
C) Filtering old data from the new data
D) Adding more components to your network
Answer: A) Protecting data by copying it from the original source to a different destination

47) Which among the following is an important circuitry in acomputer system that directs the operation of theprocessor?
A) Memory
B) Address Bus
C) Accumulator

48) ______ was the network that became the basis for the Internet.
A) Clusters
Answer: B) ARPANET

49) ______ is the fastest to read from and write to than the other kinds of storage in a computer.
B) Floppy disk
C) Hard disk
Answer: D) RAM

50) Expansion cards are inserted into
A) Peripheral Devices
B) Pegs
C) Slots
D) The back of the computer
Answer: C) Slots

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