Flowers Quiz Question Answers - GK on Flowers

Flowers Quiz Question Answers - GK on Flowers 

1) What is january flower of the month?
Ans: Carnation and Snowdrop

2) What is february flower of the month?
Ans: Violet and Primrose

3) What is march flower of the month?
Ans: Daffodil

4) What is april flower of the month?
Ans: Daisy and Sweet Pea

5) What is may flower of the month?
Ans: Lily of the valley and Hawthorn

6) What is june flower of the month?
Ans: The rose and the Honeysuckle

7) What is july flower of the month?
Ans: Larkspur and Water lily

8) What is august flower of the month?
Ans: Gladiolus and Poppy

9) What is september flower of the month?
Ans: Aster and Morning glory

10) What is october flower of the month?
Ans: Marigold and Cosmos

11) What is november flower of the month?
Ans: Chrysanthemum

12) What is december flower of the month?
Ans: Narcissus and Holly

13) Where do Bouqs flowers come from?
Ans: Fresh-cut bouquets sent directly from our South American farms to your door.

14) What is the real name of dog flower?
Ans: Antirrhinum majus

15) What are the small purple flowers called?
Ans: Lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

16) What are the best flowers for Valentine's Day ?
Ans: Red Rose

17) What is Afghanistan national flower? - Tulip


18) What is Argentina national flower? - Ceibo


19) What is Australia national flower? - Golden Wattle


20) What is Austria national flower? - Edelweiss


21) What is Bangladesh national flower? - White Water Lily


22) What is Barbados national flower? - Pride of Barbados


23) What is Belgium national flower? - Red Poppy


24) What is Bermuda national flower? - Sisyrinchium bermudiana


25) What is Bhutan national flower? - Blue Poppy


26) What is Bolivia national flower? - Cantuta


27) What is Brazil national flower? - Cattleya labiata


28) What is Bulgaria national flower? - Rose


29) What is Chile national flower? - Copihue


30) What is Colombia national flower? - Cattleya Orchid


31) What is Cuba national flower? - Mariposa


32) What is Cyprus national flower? - Cyclamen


33) What is Denmark national flower? - Marguerite Daisy


34) What is Egypt national flower? - Lotus


35) What is England national flower? - Rose, Tudor Rose


36) What is Finland national flower? - Lily of the Valley


37) What is France national flower? - Iris


38) What is Germany national flower? - Cornflower


39) What is Hungary national flower? - Tulip


40) What is India national flower? - Lotus


41) What is Indonesia national flower? - Puspa Bangsa


42) What is Iraq national flower? - Red Rose


43) What is Ireland national flower? - Shamrock


44) What is Israel national flower? - Cyclamen


45) What is Japan national flower? - Cherry Blossom


46) What is Jordan national flower? - Black Iris


47) What is Malaysia national flower? - Hibiscus


48) What is Mexico national flower? - Dahlia


49) What is Myanmar national flower? - Padauk


50) What is Netherlands national flower? - Tulip


51) What is New Zealand national flower? - Kowhai


52) What is Norway national flower? - Purple Heather (Callunna Vulgaris)


53) What is Pakistan national flower? - Jasmine


54) What is Philippines national flower? - Jasminum Sambac


55) What is Poland national flower? - Corn Poppy


56) What is Portugal national flower? - Lavender


57) What is Puerto Rico national flower? - Flor de Maga


58) What is Romania national flower? - Dog rose


59) What is Russia national flower? - Chamomile


60) What is Scotland national flower? - Thistle


61) What is Singapore national flower? - Vanda Miss Joaquim


62) What is South Africa national flower? - King Protea


63) What is South Korea national flower? - Hibiscus


64) What is Spain national flower? - Carnation


65) What is Sri Lanka national flower? - Blue Lily


66) What is Switzerland national flower? - Edelweiss


67) What is Taiwan national flower? - Plum Blossom


68) What is Thailand national flower? - Cassia Fistula Linn


69) What is United States of America national flower? - Rose


70) What is Vietnam national flower? - Lotus


71) What is Zimbabwe national flower? - Flame Lily

72) What is Calla a flower?
Ans: the calla lily (Zantedeschia sp.) is a flower.

73) What is Wildflower or Wild Flower?
Ans: A wildflower (or wild flower) is a flower that grows in the wild.

74) Which cut flower is the most popular for purchase?
Ans: Rose

75) Which flower symbolically means "beauty"?
Ans: Calla Lify

76) What color rose would you send to someone to say, "I am innocent and pure"?
Ans: White

77) In the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, what flower is worn to commemorate soldiers who have died in war?
Ans: Red poppy

78) Where are more than 60 percent of the United States' cut flowers grown?
Ans: California

78) Which is the biggest flower of the world?
Ans: Rafflesia

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