Flowers Questions and Answers - Quiz - General Knowledge

Flowers Questions and Answers - Quiz - General Knowledge

1) What name is given to the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower composed of an anther and filament? Stamen


2) Which blue flower of the genus Veronica is also the name of the ship which was to accompany the Mayflower with the Pilgrim Fathers? Speedwell


3) Old Man’s Beard and Traveller’s Joy are names for a variety of which flower? Clematis


4) Which flower was once more costly than gold and has bulbs which can replace onions in some recipes? Tulips


5) Which popular Christmas plant with red flowers gets its common name from the first American Minister to Mexico? Pointsettia


6)The fleur-de-lis is what type of flower? Lily


7) Which daisy like flower, the national flower of Mexico, gets its name from an 18th century Swedish Botanist? Dahlia


8) Which flower according to legend bloomed everywhere that lord Buddha walked; these days its seeds can be eaten raw and its stamens dried to produce fragrant teas? Lotus


9) Where is the London venue for the largest flower show in the world (it's held in early July by the Royal Horticultural Society)? Hampton Court Palace


10) Which small flower, usually with 5 blue or purple petals, is associated with freemasonry and has the scientific name Myosotis? Forget-me-nots


11) Which flower is often called the 'winter rose' or 'Christmas rose'? Hellebore


12) Which flower is sometimes called the sword lily? Gladiolus


13) he anniversary of which prime ministers death is commemorated in the U.K. as Primrose Day? Benjamin Disraeli


14) The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is held in which month of the year? And what is the show's fromal name?  May. It's formal name is the Great Spring Show.


15) What is the common name for any of the plants that fall into the genus Narcissus? Daffodils


16) What flower did the Victorians call a gilliflower? Carnation


17) Saffron comes from which type of flower? Crocus


18) Which family of flowering plants, with between 22,000 and 26,000 species, include the variety Lady's Slipper? Orchids


19) What name is given to the Japanese art of flower arranging? Ikebana


20) Lathyrus odoratus is a flowering plant used in early experiments in genetics, by what name is this flower better known? Sweet pea


21) What is the more common name for Helianthus? Sunflower


22) Azaleas are flowering shrubs in which genus? Rhododendron


23) The largest horticultural campaign in the U.K. is called 'RHS Britain in ...' what? Bloom


24) What does the term perennial mean? A plant that lives for more than 2 years (accept lives for a long time)


25) Which flower inspired the William Wordsworth poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud'? Daffodils


26) Which poisonous, sweetly scented woodland flowering plant with bell-shape florets dangling from a thin stem has the scientific name Convallaria majalis? Lily of the Valley


27 ) Dianthus barbatus gets its common name from a story about young lovers separated by the sea; how do we better know this flower? Sweet William











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