Flowers One liner Question Answers - GK Quiz

 Flowers One liner Question Answers - GK Quiz


1) A sepal is a part of the flower of angiosperms (flowering plants).

2) Saffron is derived from Crocus, an expensive spice originated from Iran and Kashmir.

3) Tulips flowers can replace onions as a spice in cooking.

4) Banana plants are related - Bird of paradise

5) Magnolias were named after Pierre Magnol French botanist

6) The orchid flowers can survive by getting necessary nutrients from the air rather than soil.


7) The male parts of flowers called – Stamens


8)  the female parts of flowers called – Carpels


9) Water lilies flowering plants spread the seeds on water


10) An annual flowering plant is  -  A plant that germinates, seeds, flowers, and dies in 1 year


11) The symbol of England is rose


12) The biggest flower species in the world is Rafflesia


13) Oleander flowering plants has poisonous


14) In Buddhism, a symbol of enlightenment is Water lily


15) Scientists work with flowers known as Florists


16) Daisies and sunflowers belong to Composite flowers


 17) Tiny flowers in the centre of the sunflower’s head called Florets

18) There was a war in English history named after a flower.  - The War of the Roses


19) Netherlands associated with tulips

20) Scientific term for flowering plants Angiosperm

21) The rose is the national flower of the USA, The Maldives and England.  

22) Saffron is the most expensive spice by weight. From which flower do you get the spice Saffron- Crocus sativus, also known as saffron crocus.

23) Which Disney princess shares her name with a small, fragrant, white flower – Jasmine


24) Umbrella-shaped clusters of flowers which plants have  - Hogweed


25) Rose species are there in the world is Around 300


26) What is the process in which pollen is transferred by insects to other flowers? Pollination

27) A lily Translated from French, fleur-de-lis means lily flower.

28) Amorphophallus titanums, or titan arums, are commonly referred to as corpse flowers because of their smell.

29) White flower is commonly used to make tea known as Chamomile


30) Vanilla comes from Orchids

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