Study in USA – Entrance Examinations 2023

 Study in USA – Entrance Examinations 2023

Students, who are willing to study in the USA, they need to know the few things about admission process and visa application process. You have to attempt certain exams as proof of language and academic assessments for to get admission in US Universities. Your UG or PG admission in the top universities in USA depends on your academic assessments tests performance.

These entrance examinations include IELTS/TOEFL (English language assessments), SAT/ACT (academic assessment at UG level), GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT (academic assessment at PG level), and more. It is very difficult for the candidate to chooose between two types of tests to study in the USA. Let us find out what are the examinations/tests you will need to take it and how to choose to take among them.

Entrance Tests & Entrance Fee for the exams – Study in USA



Application Fee

Minimum Score Requirement



₹ 14700

6 to 7 Bands







$101 to $117




$46 TO $62.50




₹ 13300








₹ 3799












₹ 25,750




The Foreign Language or TOEFL testing exam is very well known exam, is one of the most frequently used language examinations. University you choose and your subject it depends on your score you secured in the online exam and generally TOEFL Scores minimum might range between 71 and 92. If you get good marks in test, you have a chance to be admitted to a PhD in the United States.

You can also choose to give IELTS over TOEFL, however, before applying for either of these English language tests, you must check with the university about which test is accepted.


Nearly 4000 universities and colleges in the United States accept his / her IELTS score to test his / her English language skills. The minimum IELTS score requirement varies between 6.5 and 9, depending on the course and university you choose. IELTS is becoming increasingly popular amongst students as the IELTS rating is lower than the TOEFL. Students are advised to check with their chosen university on whether the IELTS scores are acceptable or not.


The Pearson Test of English has recently begun to acceptance in the USA. It is recognized by approximately 1000 universities and colleges in the USA. The minimum PTE score in the USA is 70. But it may vary depending on the courses applied for and the university.



Duolingo English test is a language learning skill tool designed for international students and institutions. Duolingo app acts as a skill tree of tutorings that contains listening exercises, flashcards, and multiple-choice questions to help you learn new words, phrases, and sentences.


The Duolingo English test is a language learning skill tool designed for international students and organizations to Study in USA. The Duolingo app serves as a mastery of tutorials that include listening exercises, flashcards, and multiple-choice questions to help you learn new words, phrases, and sentences.


Exams to Study in USA for UG Programs

For admission to US universities in undergraduate level, you will be required to take either SAT or ACT.


The Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is one of the most important exams when applying for an undergraduate program in the USA.


The American College Test or ACT exam assesses an applicant's aptitude and critical thinking skills and is an important test when applying for undergraduate programs in the USA.

Exams to Study in USA for PG Courses

There are various specific academic assessment tests for graduate programs, depending on the subject you choose to study. Exams like MCAT, LSAT, GMAT are specific to medical, law and management / business courses in the USA. GRE on the other hand is accepted for both MS in the USA and engineering programs in the USA.


GRE must be taken before admission to graduate USA programs, especially engineering. In addition to the total GRE test, 7 subject-specific tests can be performed. The lowest GRE score in the United States is 170. As many graduate programs pass the GRE exam, different results may be obtained for different graduate programs in the United States. Under certain circumstances, these ratings will be used to look for post-graduation opportunities in the United States.


The Law School Admission Test or LSAT test is required to apply for admission to law schools in the USA. The average LSAT score required to enroll in a US law school is 150, while the top 25 law schools demand more than 160. Most US law schools give 70% weightage to LSAT scores in the selection process.



Students seeking admission to medical schools in the USA must take the Medical College Admission Test or the MCAT test. The minimum MCAT score is 510. But the best medical schools in the US can demand more. The higher the score the better the chances.


For admission to a B-School in the USA, the applicant must take the Graduate Management Admission Test or the GMAT. The average GMAT score for admissions in USA B-schools is 700. Good GMAT scores along with high GPA play a very important role in the selection process in US B-schools. Having GMAT scores is a must if you want to study MBA in USA.


Students seeking admission to a dental school in the USA must take the Dental Admission Test or DAT. It is approved by 66 dental schools in the USA. The DAT academic score in the US is 12-28.



The Optometry Admission Test or OAT is the basic test for admission to an Optometry School in the USA. A total of 21 certified optometry schools in the USA passed the test. The minimum accepted OAT score for admission to the US Optometry is 310.

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