Nest Aware – Subscription – Plan Details

 Nest Aware Subscription – Plan Details

At present,  Smart cameras are playing a vital role that provides a security of your home or office or anything in your daily life.  However, to add standard features to your smart cameras, you may have spend little amount of money to get a subscription.


What is Nest Aware?

Nest Aware is a paid membership service for Nest Camera users that you can store recorded videos in the cloud.  It has intelligent alerts, activity zones and advance features . Nest Aware Plus has 24/7 recording video history. When you start your first subscription on Net Aware, it'll start with a free trial of 30 days (nest aware free trial), once trail period is completed you have to pay the money to continue it.  The Standard features of Nest Aware depend on your camera, speaker and your home region.

The biggest asset of Nest Aware is the 24/7 recording.  Generally, record cameras which don’t have Net Aware, can take the snapshots that are taken only when the motion is detected and it stores in the memory only upto 3 hours. 

The biggest feature is face detection.  It can identify people, animals, and vehicles and send alert to users.


How Does Nest Aware Work?

Google Smart Camera which has Nest Aware subscription, can records a video whenever its detect any motion or sound. These recorded video clips stored in the cloud for 30 days in a basic subscription plan. If you go for advance premium subscription plan, you will have review your recorded video clips for 60 days and also 10 days of 24/7 continuous video recordings.

Nest Aware that provide advance features to your smart devices and it enhance detection functionalities performance very well of your devices.  You will receive different alert notifications for each type, it can detects person, animals, vehicles etc.

Under basic subscription plan, you can view the live video feed and video doorbells only. And also you would receive notifications along with photo snapshots whenever Nest cams detect any motion or sound,  it can stores the video clips upto 3 hours.

How much does Nest Aware cost?

Adding nest aware subscription: Nest Aware subscription cost is $ 6 per month. If you go to subscribe for one year, the total costs $ 60 per year. you can save up to $ 12 per year, if you are a permanent subscriber.

Is Nest Aware Worth it?

You have smart devices at your home, a Nest Aware subscription is definitely worth it.


How to Subscribe to Nest Aware?

Just follow the instructions and steps which are given below to subscribe the Nest Aware, it is pretty simple.

Step 1: Go to
Step 2:  Click on your profile icon.
Step 3: Signed in to your Google Account, if you are not logged in.
Step 4: Next, Click subscription plan of Nest Aware
Step 5: Next, Proceed for payment and make a payment.
Step 6: Next, Confirm your payment and you will receive a payment notification alert about payment.
Step 7: You will seen message as “Payment Successful”.
Step 8: That’s it.......You have a Net ware Subscription.

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