4000 MCQ Computer Awareness PDF Download

4000 MCQ Computer Awareness PDF Download

4000 Computer Awareness MCQ PDF Download

In the current digital age, computer awareness is essential for all fields, including government jobs, banking, and other competitive exams. To help you prepare for these exams, we have compiled a list of 4000 multiple-choice questions related to computer awareness, along with a PDF download link.

What are multiple-choice questions?

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are a common type of question format used in competitive exams. In an MCQ, a question is followed by several possible answers, and the candidate is required to choose the correct answer from among them.

Why are MCQs important for competitive exams?

MCQs are designed to test a candidate's knowledge of specific topics in a straightforward manner. In competitive exams, MCQs are frequently used to test a candidate's knowledge of computer awareness.

Where can you find computer awareness MCQs?

We have compiled a list of 4000 computer awareness MCQs that you are likely to encounter in competitive exams. You can download the Computer Awareness MCQs PDF by clicking on the link below.

Download PDF


The PDF includes 4000 multiple-choice questions related to computer awareness. The questions cover various topics, such as computer hardware, software, networking, and the internet. You can use this PDF to prepare for competitive exams or refresh your knowledge of computer awareness.

In conclusion, having a strong grasp of computer awareness is essential for competitive exam preparation. We hope this article and the PDF download link provided help you in your exam preparation.

Very Important Computer Related Questions:
1) When was the first Apple Computer released?
Ans: July 1976

2) When was the first Mac computer?
Ans: January 24, 1984

3) What is a mainframe computer?
Ans: In Computer, Mainframes are high-performance computers which have large amounts of memory and micro-processors that can perform billions of calculations and instructions.

4) ibm 5100?
Ans: The 5100 was IBM's second transportable computer.

5) When was IBM Mainframes are introduced?
Ans: IBM mainframes are large computer systems produced by IBM since 1952.

6) Define fat client?
Ans: A fat client is a form of client-server architecture. Fat client also called as thick client or rich client.

7) What is Home server?
Ans: A home server is a computer server which located at home. Simply say that it is a simple computer which has high specifications like big hard drive, sufficient memory, and a network connection.

8) What is Hydrid computers and used for?
Ans: Hybrid computers  are computers which are generally used for specialized applications where both analog and digital data processing.

9) What is cloud server?

Ans: A cloud server is a centralized server that performs application and resource processing on a internet.

10) What is computer hardware?
Ans: Computer hardware includes the physical parts of a computer

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