Banking and Financial System in India

 The Banking, non-banking and Financial System in India comprises of the following types of institutions -

1. Commercial Banks
There are four types of Commercial Banks in India. a) Public Sector Banks b) Private Sector Banks c) Foreign Sector d) Cooperative Banks/Institutions.
Cooperative Banks/institutions are of three types i) Urban Cooperative Banks ii) State Cooperative Banks iii) Central Cooperative Banks

2. Financial Institutions
There are three types of Financial Institutions in India and they are a) All-India Financial Institutions (AIFIs) b) State Financial Corporations (SFCs) c) State Industrial Development Corporations (SIDCs)

3. Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)
Non-Banking Financial Companies are fast emerging as an important segment of Indian financial system. This group performing financial intermediation in many ways. The most important part is that these companies raise funds from public directly or indirectly and lend them to the ultimate spenders.

4.Capital Market Intermediaries
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