Typing Passages for SSC CGL & CHSL - DEST Samples

 Typing Passages for SSC CGL & CHSL  - DEST Samples

Hello Friends,  Today we are sharing DEST material for SSC CGL & SSC CHSL exams. This is very helpful for upcoming examinations. The pdf is compiled by sscforuum, so the credit goes to them. You may download the pdf from the link provided given below.

Actual DEST Samples asked in SSC Exam.


Pranab Kumar Mukherjee was born 11 December 1935 is the 13th and current  President of India in office since July 2012. In a political career spanning six decades, Mukherjee was a senior leader of the Indian National Congress and occupied several ministerial portfolios in the Government of India Prior to his election as President Mukherjee was Union Finance Minister from 2009 to 2012, and the Congress party's top trouble shooter.

 Mukherjee got his break in politics in 1969 when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi helped him get elected to the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Parliament, on a Congress ticket, Following a meteoric rise, he became on of Indira Gandhi's most trusted lieutenants, and a minister in her cabinet by 1973. During the controversial Internal Emergency of 1975-77, he was accused (like several other ministers) of committing gross excesses. Mukerjee's serve in number of ministerial capacities culminated in his first stint as finance minister in 1982 to 1985.

 Mukherjee was sidelined from the congress during the premiership of Rajiv Gandhi Indira's son Mukherjee had viewed himself and not the inexperienced Rajiv, as the right successor to Indira following her assassination in 1984. Mukherjee lost out in the ensuing power struggle. He formed his own party, the Rashtiya Samjwadi Congress, which merged with the Congress in 1989 after reaching a compromise with Rajiv Gandhi. Mukherjee's political career revived when Prime Minister P.V. Narshimha Rao appointed him Planning Commission head in 1991 and foreign minister in 1995. Following this, as slender statesman of the Congress Mukherjee was the principal architect of Sonia Ganhi's ascension to the party's presidency in 1998. When the congress led United Progressive Alliance UPA came into power in 2004, Mukherjee, never a mass leader, won a Lok Sabha (the popularly elected lower house of Parliament) seat for the first time.

2. SSC CGL 2013

But there is long way to go. We have set an ambitious target of skilling 50 million people in the 12th Plan period, including 9 million in 2013-14. We have to pull out all stops to achieve this objective. Funds will be released by the National Rural Livelihood Mission and the National Urban Livelihood Mission to be spent on skill development activities. 5 percent of the Border Area Development Programme Fund,, 10 percent of the Special Central Assistance to the Scheduled Csate sub plan and the Tribal sun plan, and some other funds will also be used for skill development.

         I purpose to increase the allocation for Defence to Rs 203,672 crore. This will include Rs 86,741 crore for capital expenditure. The minister of Defence has been most understanding, and I assure him and the House that constraints will not come in the way of providing any additional requirement for the security of the nation.

         Despite our constraints we must find resources for science and technology and for Space Atomic Energy etc. I propose to allocate Rs 6,275 crore to the Ministry of Science & Technology; Rs 5.615 crore to the Department of Space, and Rs 5,880 crore to the Department of Atomic Energy. Hon'ble Members will be happy to know that these amounts are substantial enhancements.

       While we extol the virtuous of science and technology (S&T), I think we do not pay enough attention to science and technology for the common man, with the hep of the ministry of Science and Technology and the Principal Scientific adviser to the Government, I have identified a few amazing S&T innovations. I propose to set apart Rs 200 crore to fund organization that will scale up and make these products available to the people. I propose to ask the National Innovation Council to formulate a scheme for the management and application of the fund.

        Continuing the tradition of supporting institution of excellence, I propose to make
a grant of Rs 100 crore each to:

- Aligarh Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University etc.


3. CHSL 2017 Tier- 3 DEST Paper

Money stashed abroad is not always the money which has been evaded form payment of taxes. Drugh lords terrorists groups gangsters all over the world along with International Syndicate also keep their money in safe haven, where they can lay their hands on it in time of need for their operational purposes. There is no mechanism with the Government to determine and say with cent surely that the money hoarded abroad is only the one that has been evaded from the taxes and not the other crime linked cash. The Revenue Department and other agencies of the Government like the RAW and State Trading Organisations have their offices abroad. There is no common mandate to them to report any suspicious transactions by the Indian either visiting or staying abroad.

                    The stark truth is that the black money is the result of high level corruption prevailing in our country. The schemes meant for the poor, even as per  the Government reports are not implemented and the money siphoned off. Even laws permit every criminal whether in jail or on bail to hide their names and crimes and create false alibis. But, here the Government is creating alibis for those people whose names have been received and disclosed as the persons who are having cash which is got illegally and is not from any known legal sources. They have stashed cash in safe tax heavens abroad. Even the supreme Court, the Apex Court of India, says that nothing moves without bribery in India.


                    A good and alert cop even on a tourist visa can spot Indians about and visiting these safe tax heavens or Swiss banks. The rest of the job of tracing the flight of black money form India can be done locally provided the Government has the will. So far, the Government has been making excuses, some tenable and some untenable. Unfortunately, no Government irrespective of the party in power has taken even a genuine small step to stop the generation and flight of black money from India, forget about getting the black money back.


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