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Google Reverse Image Search Desktop  -  How to do Reverse Image Search laptop

Google Reverse Image Search: This technique very helpful to discover similar images or the objects from the internet (World Wide Web).  For example, you have a photo of a apple and use it to search for similar images along with their information through the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex, etc.

Journalists can use “Reverse Image Search” option to find the original source of image or information. It also helps to know the approximate date of the image was first published on the internet.  Photographers and copyright holders of images, can use “search by image” to search the other websites on the internet if anybody are using their copyright images without taking their permission.   Matrimonial sites can use this reverse image search google to find out the fake uploads of a profile picture persons.

What you find when you search by using this technique: The search results can include such as websites with the image or similar image, all similar images around the web.

How to do Reverse Image Search Desktop:

Compatible browsers

You can perform a reverse image search on all types of web browsers like Chrome, Firefox,Safari, etc.

Following steps help to perform the Reverse Image search:

1) Open your web browser like Chrome or Safari or any other, in your Computer/Desktop/laptop.

2) You have to visit

3) Click Search by image.

4) Click Upload an image and then Choose file or Browse.

5) Select a picture from your computer.

6) Click Open or Choose.

7) Uploading is completed; similar images will appear on the screen.

Google Reverse Image Search for Mobile -  How to do Reverse Image Search for Android

1) Pick your Android phone or tablet

2) Open Chrome app  in your Android mobile.

3) You have to visit

4) Pick a image from your phone that is use and tap it.

5) Touch and hold the image, till get to Search Google for this image.​

Google Reverse Image Search for iPhone -  How to do Reverse Image Search iPhone & iPad

You following steps help to get similar search images in your iPhone & iPad.

1)  First step,  Open Google chrome or safari browser app in your iphone or ipad  
2)  In search bar, you will find Google lens icon button,  tap it
3) It ask the photo from you which  is in your phone that is use to search on the internet
4) Upload a photo, it takes few seconds to uploading the image
5) once uploading process is completed, you will get all the similar images on the internet
6) That it....................Done

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