General Awareness Notes on First in India Part – I

1. First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Physics – C.V. Raman

2. First Indian to receive Bharat Ratna award – Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

3. First Indian to cross English Channel – Mihir Sen

4. First Person to receive Jananpith/Gyanpeeth award – G. Shanker Kurup

5. First Speaker of the Lok Sabha – G V Mavalankar

6. First Vice – President of India – Dr. S. Radhakrsihnan

7. First Home Minister Of India – Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel

8. First Person to reach Mt. Everest without oxygen – Sherpa Ang Dorjee

9. First person to reach the South Pole – Col J K Bajaj

10. First Person to get Param Vir Chakra – Major Somnath Sharma

11. First Chief Election Commissioner – Sukumar Sen

12. First Person to receive Magsaysay Award – Vinoba Bhave

13. First Indian Origin person to receive Nobel Prize in Medicine – Hargobind Khurana

14. First Person to receive Nobel Prize in Economics – Amartya Sen

15. First Chief Justice of Supreme Court – Justice H. J. Kania

16. First Indian to win back to back medals in Olympics – Sushil Kumar ( 2008, 2012)

17. First Man to climb Mount Everest Twice – Nwang Gombu

18. First Man to Climb Mt. Everest 19 times – Apa Sherpa

19. First Indian Chess Grandmaster – Vishwanathan Anand ( 1988)

20. First Indian Pilot – J.R. D. Tata ( 1929)

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