History One liner Question and Answers SSC & Competitive Exams -1

One Liner Top History Question and Answers SSC & Competitive Exams -1

Hello Friends, Today we are sharing with you One Liner Top History Question and Answers SSC & Competitive Exams -1. This is very helpful for various competitive exams like SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, RRB, LIC AAO and competitive exams. Friends, Don't forget to share with your friends.

History Question and Answers SSC & Competitive Exams -1

1.  All India Harijan Sangha established by Mahtama Gandhi, the year of - 1920
2.  Satyagraha first started - Champaran
3.  First census in India was conducted at the time of - Lord Dufferin                               
4.  The Viceroy of India when the Rowlatt Act was Passed - Lord Chelmsford                           
5.   English as official language introduced by - Sir Charles Wood
6.   Founder of the Indian Association - Surendranath Banerjee                 
7.   The first Indian leader to undergo imprisonment - C Vijaraghavachari                        
8.   First Indian to used the word ‘Swarajya’ - Bal Gangadhar Tilak                     
9.   The author of Babuvivah - Pandit Rambai
10.The first translated Bhagvad Gita to English - Charles Wilkins
11. In the Battle of Wandiwash, the English defeated The French 
12. Indian Navy Act was passed on - 1927
13. The first president of the Republic of India was - Dr.Rajendra Prasad
14. The first ruler of Pala dynasty was - Gopala
15. The first to establish regular trade with India was- Portuguese
16. The king of Kalinga in the Maurya period was - Kharavela
17. Sea route in India was discovered by - Vasco–da–gama
18. The treaty of Seringapatnam was between Cornwallis and - Chand Bibi
19. Ashoka conquered Kalinga in the year - 261 BC
20. Chand Bibi was the ruler of – Ahmednagar
21.Statue of Liberty is actually made in - France
22.House of Lords is the name of the upper house of the parliament of? - Britain
23.The brightest star in our solar system is Sirius
24.Who was the first President of USA? George Washington
25.Shape of Milkey Ways galaxy is approximately like A flat spiral
26.when the aeroplanes / aircraft / airplanes were used in the war for first time? October, 1911
27.Which type of seismic wave travels the fastest? P waves 
28.The fear of books is called Bibliophobia 
30.The oldest known city in history Damascus 
31.  The venue of the Second Round Table Conference at London? - St. James Palace
32.  Springing Tiger: A Study of a Revolutionary” is a biographical work on __? Subhas Chandra Bose
33.  The British East India Company ceased to be a trading Company via legislation? Charter Act of 1833
34.  The biographical memoir of A. O. Hume was written by __? W. Wederbirn
35.   During the company rule, the Hindu Widows Remarriage Act was drafted by__ ? Lord Dalhousie
36.The First President of Muslim League was __? Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk Mustaq Hussain
37.The first news paper in the world was started by ? China
38. "Gift of the Nile" ? India
39.Who started the construction of Colosseum in Rome ? Vespasian
40.What was the name of the atom bomb dropped by USA on Hiroshima in Japan during the second world war ? Little Boy
45.The year Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany ? 1933
46.Russian revolutionary, who founded the Communist Party was Lenin
47.The term Liberty, Equality and Fraternity associated? French Revolution
48.  " Man is a political animal" ? Aristotle
49.The oldest civilization of the world ? Mesopotamian Civilization
50. The founder of scientific socialism ? Karl Marx
51.When did the first Railway Train begin to carry passengers and freight? 1830 AD
52. American Revolution started ? 1775
53 .The period in medieval western Europe is known as 'Dark Ages'? Early Middle Ages
54.French Revolution was started in the Year ? 1789
55. Who was the first to sail round the world ? Magellan
56. The civilization is associated with 'Laws of Twelve Tables'? Roman Civilization
57. What is the name of autobiography of Adolf Hitler ? Mein Kampf
58. 'Glorious Revolution' associated with ? England
59.The First Test Tube Twins Babies in the World? Stephan & Amanda
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