SSC CHSL 4 March 2018 Paper Asked Questions

SSC CHSL 4 March 2018 Paper Asked Questions

Hello Friends, Today we are sharing Questions were asked in SSC CHSL 4 March 2018 Paper. This is very useful for aspirants for SSC CHSL review purpose.

1. SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 (1st Shift) –  General Awareness

  1. Which country shares the longest border with China?
  2. What is the property of Bakelite?
  3. What Force is Friction?
  4. Where is Dachigam National Park?
  5. When is World Aids Day celebrated?
  6. Which of the Article is related to Constitutional Amendments?
  7. What is the full form of SMTP?
  8. How much budget is allocated to National Pharma Mission?
  9. What is the meaning of Fiscal Deficit?
  10. What is Circular Motion?
  11. Who among the following did not win a Dronacharya Award?
  12. Which part of the Constitution talks about Union Territory?
  13. Who killed Bahadur Shah?
  14. Who is the Father of Taxonomy?
  15. One question from Oncology?
  16. One question from i3 Processor.
  17. One question from Constitutional Amendment.
  18. One question from Sex Determination.
  19. One question from Dance forms.
  20. Which of the following is the Alkali metal?

2. SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 (1st Shift) – English

  1. Idioms & Phrases –
    Pull over one’s heart
    Raining Cats & Dogs
    Piece of Cake
    Achilles Heel
  2. Spellings Correction – Committee, Stridency
  3. Synonyms/Antonyms –
  4. One Word Substitution – Monitoring
  5. No Reading Comprehension was asked.

3. SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 (1st Shift) – Quant

  1. 19, 9, 28, 37, 65, ?
  2. A picture on a page was reduced on a Xerox copier to 75% of its original size and the copy was further reduced by 20%. What percentage of the size of the original picture was the final copy?
  3. Value of cos(4pi/3).
  4. One Qs based on secant.
  5. The side of the cube was given. You have to find the volume of cube.
  6. Rate of Simple Interest for initial 5 years is 10% and next 3 years is 15%. After 8 years, total amount was given in the Qs. You have to find the principal?
  7. A person invested Rs. 75000. After sometime, other person invests Rs. 60000. At the end of the year the profit was divided in the ratio of 3:1. Find out the number of months after which the other person joined.
  8. One Qs based on prime factors.
  9. The length of a rectangle is increased by 10% and breadth by 20%. You have to find the change in area of rectangle.
  10. One question on rationalization.
  11. One Qs based on right angle triangle.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 Tier I – Shift 2 (1:30 PM – Afternoon Shift)1. SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 – G.K

  1. Medal won by Saina Nehwal in 2012 Olympic.
  2. Award won by Anupam Kher.
  3. How many electron are there in Fe++
  4. In which state Pariyar National Park is located?
  5. Which element has lowest melting point?
  6. Which Indian PM served for Longest time?
  7. Internation line passes through which ocean?
  8. Numerical Question on Economy?
  9. Bangladesh was part of?
  10. Full form of ALU?
  11. Where is Bhimbetka located?
  12. In which Indian State English is a State Language?
  13. Capital of turkey?
  14. Where is Panna National Park is Situated?
  15. Which is used as Aesthetic ?
  16. Humayun was born in which year?
  17. Which of the following stores fat soluble vitamin?
  18. Artocarpus integer is a scientific name of which of the following?
  19. Scientific name of Guava?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 Tier I – Shift 3 (4:30 PM – Evening Shift)SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 – Reasoning

  1. If HARMS is coded as 81181319 & FLUTE is coded as 61221205, then WOUND will be coded as?
  2. In the expression shown below, divide is replace by addition, subtraction is replaced by multiplication, addition is replaced by division & multiplication is replaced by subtraction. Then find the value of expression.
  3. NIP, KGO, HEN, ECM, ?
  4. PIR : OHQ :: ? : ?
  5. CX EV GT IR ?
  6. Matrix question on word TENS.
  7. Lotus : Flower :: ? : ?
  8. Find the odd one out:
    a) 36,38,44
    b) 42,46,48
    c) 52,54,60
    d) 66,68,76

Questions Asked 4th March 2018 – Quant

  1. Data Interpretation – Pie Chart based on company trends.
  2. Area of the circle was given 364.5 . You have to find the circumference of the circle.
  3. A equivalent triangle having side 8 cm. You have to find the area of the triangle.
  4. Side of the square is 6 cm. You have to find the total surface area.
  5. A simple interest amounts to Rs 340 at 6% interest in 8 months of time duration. You have to find the principle.
  6. In a triangle, the biggest angle (i.e A) was 80 degree. The smallest angle (i.e C) was 40 degree less than the biggest angle. You have to find the third angle (i.e B).
  7. A rod length is 67 cm . It is divided into 3 parts, first is to second ratio is 6:7 and second is to third is 3:5. You have to find the length of second part?
  8. Raghav can do a work in 5 days and Rahul alone in 9 days. They together had work of Rs 5600. Find the difference difference in the money earned by them?
  9. Evaluate value of b-[b-({(a+b)-(b-a})-(a-b)-a]
  10. The marked price & cost price was given. You have to find the % Discount.
  11. A triangle PQR with right angle at Q was given. Also, the value of cosec Q = 17/15 was given. You have to find the angle R.

 SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 – English

  1. Reading Comprehension based on “Thoughts of human mind & its effect”.
  2. Find the similar word of “Accolades“
  3. Synonym 0f “Assassination“.
  4. Idioms & Phase – “Cock & Bull Story“, “At someones expense“.
  5. Active Passive Voice – Ram said his master is eating.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked 4th March 2018 – GK

  1. In Bhutan flag orange color depicts.
  2. CNG used in Auto Rickshaw consist of which gas?
  3. 1 Qs related to Lizards, Human limbs homologous/heterogeneous.
  4. 1 Qs related to Motor Car Race.
  5. What does the circle of Sarnath Pillar depicts?
  6. 1 Qs related to White Water.
  7. Leela Samson belongs to?
  8. Comparison of Small Intestine of herbivores and carnivores.
  9. Yudhya Abhayas between Indian and US took place
  10. CNG vehicles 3 statements.
  11. Which of the following emits less green house gases
  12. Crystal Economy 2017.
  13. A current affair based on SEBI.
  14. Economic Planning comes under which list.
  15. 1Qs based on Budget.
  16. Which of the following statement is correct
    a) who won the ferrari series.
    b) Pink Pather 2017 winner
  17. Who is highest law officer of India.

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