SSC CGL Vs. SSC CHSL (Pros and Cons)

SSC CGL Vs. SSC CHSL (Pros and Cons)
Staff Selection Commission organization, which is the most sought after when it comes to recruiting  under Government of India for various posts in the various Ministries and Departments of the government and in Subordinate Offices, conducts two major examinations, Combined Graduation Level exam and Combined High School Level exam every year. Both SSC Combined Graduate Level exam and SSC Combined High school level exam are considered to be one of the most viable and awaited SSC exams in a year. Many high school pass outs and graduates from almost every every field of work look forward to get selected for one in the sea of variety of posts through CHSL and CGL exams.
SSC CGL is clearly one among the foremost prestigious exams conducted by the staff selection Committee each year. The explanation for this often is that a candidate who clears SSC CGL can boast of being a government servant for the remaining of their lives and luxuriate in all the perks that the duty brings. Lakhs of candidates contend each year for some thousand vacancies offered within the central government, and solely the extraordinarily well-prepared reach the ultimate draw.
So what's it that credits to SSC CGL being such profitable a deal? Well, it is the amalgamation of the wage structure offered to a government employee, the job security related to the post, the infinite allowances provided for a government employee and the sizable pension that you just would get post retirement.  Let’s ascertain each of the above mentioned fact.
Salary is unquestionably a deciding element when it comes to anticipating recruitment with such excitement. The wage of any state or central government official depends on the factors like their rank, years of service, department, grade pay, town of residence etc. The grade pay varies for various posts. Aworker with grade pay of 4800 would get an in-hand wage of nearly 60,000 while an  officer with grade pay of 4,600 would get an in-hand wage near 55,000.This clearly proves the point that clearing SSC CGL can bring you a decent post with a handsome wad of money monthly.Also,needless to say, Government jobs are secure. While in the private sector, performance majorly becomes a deciding factor while considering promotions or wage hikes, a government worker has the luxury of a high job security throughout his life which is one major reason why all literally hunt for a government post.
A government employee is provided with a tremendous number of allowances during his service tenure. These include the dearness allowance, medical allowance and special allowance. Dearness Allowance is the price of living adjustment allowance that the govt. pays to the workers of the publicsector. The precise amount of allowance depends on the place of living and also on the basic pay of the staff. Apart from this, a CGL official also enjoys the luxury of medical allowances and different special allowances for travel and relocation.
Promotion and Pension
While we talk about the promotion policy of SSC CGL, the scope here is immense. The CGL gives its employees a change to become a gazette official which is a big deal. Regular promotions are a guarantee in posts offered through CGL and the positions are simply worth it. Government servants not only get a fancy package of salary and allowances, but can also enjoy a sizeable pension after they retire.
When it comes to perks and allowances, even CHSL is a great and widely accepted career option amongst the masses of the designated age group. Let us have a look at the perks and promotions of the posts through CHSL exam.

CHSL:Promotion & Career Growth

The perks of a CHSL job are almost similar to that of a job though CGL job though it takes more promotions and time for an official through the CHSL exam to become a gazette official than an official who has earned a position through SSC CGL examination.  Also, individuals recruited via the SSC CGL examination have an upper hand keeping in mind their educational qualification.Though the fact that even graduates appear for CHSL exam is not hidden, but the job profile and the beginning salary of CGL recruits suit better in the first place.

Nevertheless, CHSL comes an opportunity for those who cannot continue to study at the graduation level. This is one relaxation the CGL examination does not provide-the relaxation in eligibility. CHSL is the recruiter of those who need to work and support themselves financially and socially, with the aid of letting the employees give further examinations to seek promotions in their fields.
No exam has cons, as sooner or later, the promotions are going to come to you. All you need is patience and discretion of doing the right thing at the right time.

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